Spells R Us: Pin-Up

A rockabilly model finds herself in possession of an enchanted camera that adds weight to its subjects with every photo.


Gloria is a popular pinup model with a retro style. She keeps herself trim and fit, but still loses out on a job to a rival model. Furious, she and her best friend Vivian head to the mall for some retail therapy. The girls discover the enigmatic Spells R Us shop, and look inside. Though the shop is full of mysteries, the shadowy shopkeeper has the perfect gift for a model who is dating a photographer. Gloria and her boyfriend take the magic camera for a spin, without knowing the consequence of every photo taken!

Official Publisher's Review

xCuervos brings us another entry in his rebooted Spells R Us series. This one stars Gloria, a rockabilly pin-up model with a need to get ahead in the world. The upbeat tone and lighthearted characters of the new SRU series continue to be oblivious to the secret, probably sinister plans of the mysterious Shopkeeper. No new light is shed on her origins or intentions, but she does take us on another fun adventure, expanding the cast of characters in and around the familiar mall.

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Vivian tries to slim down, but she makes a bargain with the wrong old man in a jar!

Spells R Us: Pin-Up #3

Gloria has really packed on the pounds. She's got a big photoshoot coming up, will she get her friend involved?

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The magic camera makes Gloria bigger all over, but when will she stop using it?

Spells R Us: Pin-Up #1

A rockabilly model finds herself in possession of an enchanted camera that adds weight to its subjects with every photo.

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* Despite the fact that she is also a beautiful and intriguing woman herself, Janice has always been jealous of Gloria's wealth and beauty. How far will these feelings go?
Vivian is a Pin Up model like Gloria, but the difference is that her specialty may not be the same as Gloria's, at least not for now.
Gloria's lifelong dream was always the same, to be famous and beautiful so that everyone could see her, and now it's a dream she'll be able to live forever.

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