Spells R Us: All Dressed Up

Cindy and Keiko are college roommates and friends, yet they are at opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways.


Cindy and Keiko are college roommates and friends, yet they are at opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways. Cindy is a highly intelligent girl who still likes to take the plunge into adventure and excitement. It’s this spirit of adventure that lands the two girls in Spells R Us, a mysterious and creepy old store in the mall. Cindy is the one who seems enthused by the prospect of what the self-proclaimed wizard there pitches them. The potion promises that when used in the punch bowls at an annual costume blow out, no one will have any doubts over how Cindy and Keiko are dressed. Naturally the girls assume they can win the costume contest portion and be invited to all the elite parties on campus. Little do they know that the potion works not on everyone else’s perspective of them but on themselves. As the party goes on and the punch is consumed, Cindy and Keiko find themselves becoming what they are dressed as and thanks to Cindy’s quirky costume choices, neither of them will ever be looked at the same again.

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Coming up with new characters that continue the tradition of Spells R Us, Kris P. Kreme tells a fitting tale of confusion among two college girls who only are wanting to have some fun and be the best costumed at a big blow out they are attending. The locations are new, and even the store is in a new mall, but the twisted way of having the potion work are very much the same as before.

Neither Cindy, the smart brunette who becomes very much the opposite, nor Keiko, her shy Asian friend ever expect what happens during the party and by the time it is all over, they will never forget nor be able to change back from what they have become. In a way they definitely get what they wanted as they are the hits of the party. While Cindy has her mind blown in a way, Keiko really seems to be the blow out costume, and in true Kris P. Kreme style, they each end up appropriately dressed.

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Spells R Us: All Dressed Up

Spells R Us: All Dressed Up #1

After using a potion from an unusual store in the mall, Cindy and Keiko have costumes that no one doubts.

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Mysterious Man
A mysterious man who owns the store Spells R Us. Despite his seemingly malevolent intentions, he always tries to help women seeking a TRANSFORMATION in their lives.
Mysterious Man Spells R Us: All Dressed Up
Keiko Ogani
Keiko is a follower and always one to let others lead, whether it is in conversation or in activities. She has a shy side but her best friend Cindy has always been able to pull her into some fun adventures. She is intelligent but not stereotypically so as some might assume given her heritage.
Keiko Ogani Spells R Us: All Dressed Up
Cindy Conners
She is the one of the pair featured in this story that tends to be putting thought to what they can try, but not much thought into whether there is any reason to worry. She is smart but not as much common sense smart and tends to go with the flow, being a bit too casual until it is too late to back out of a situation.
Cindy Conners Spells R Us: All Dressed Up

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