Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji

Long ago, a spurned Countess made a deal with a strange old man, and unleashed a lustful spirit upon Eastern Europe.
Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji


The Countess Visseria has been ignored by her husband for the last time. She makes a deal with a mysterious old man from the village below their castle that is guaranteed to capture the attention of her eternal lover, the Count. Her plans to summon a benevolent genie go awry, and her whole world changes in a flash of purple flame. Who is this sultry woman that the Countess has summoned into her home, and how will it go wrong?

Official Publisher's Review

Spells R Us: Vindem Vrăji is filled with all the things you would expect from xCuervos, but it also has plenty of twists! What appears to be a typical vampire story set in the 1600s is turned on its head shortly after our heroine visits Vindem Vrăji, a store run by a familiar face. “Vindem Vrăji,” by the way, is Romanian for “we sell spells.” This story is a departure from xCuervos’ more lighthearted Spells R Us stories, revisiting the darker “wish gone wrong” roots of the theme. We still don’t know her name (and neither does the Countess!), but the nature of the mysterious Shopkeeper, her powers, and her intentions are made clear in this libido-driven origin story.

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