Countess Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji
An unhappy woman who has to endure her husband’s annoying parties. She decides to take center stage and take charge of her own destiny thanks to the “Vindem Vraji” store.
Countess Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji


Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji #2

Angry villagers storm the castle, expecting to slay a pair of vampires. Instead, they find a pleasure palace haunted by a demonic force!

Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji #1

Long ago, a spurned Countess made a deal with a strange old man, and unleashed a lustful spirit upon Eastern Europe.

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The seller at the Vindem Vraji and Spells R Us store. He is much older than he appears and knows much more than he lets on.
A mysterious woman who appears in front of the countess after a ritual, she claims to be a Djinn but could she be something else?

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