Dream Cure

A very special pill that brings unexpected results for a very strange couple.


Jackie’s life, a boring and single man, is drastically changed when Emily enters his life. She is a freak in bed, very hot but a bit too strange. Together they make a great couple, but unfortunately an illness forces him to go to the doctor. To his surprise, the solution was very simple, just take one pill a day to fix it. So Emily decides to help his boyfriend to search for the medicine. The days go by without major problems until suddenly, Jackie’s body started to change A LOT… his work and personal life is now at risk but his girlfriend seems to like it, and a lot! Now all that’s left is to wait for the rest of the pills to take effect and transform him completely into a woman!

Official Publisher's Review

Hello Botcomics’ readers! Welcome to this new series in which we’re going to explore the life of Jackie, a single man who works at a firm of important people. He is a workaholic and like all employees, he decides to relax by having a few drinks at his favorite bar. That’s where he meets Emily, a beautiful and sexy 19 year old girl!. He decides to take the courage to flirt with her and manages to get her into bed. Sex was great! But soon after, he ends up involved in a whole new life because of a very special pill. What does this pill do, you ask? Not only does it cure him of his illness but it also transforms him into a girl! At first this might be a problem but I assure you that this new change will make his sex life much, much more interesting. If you want to discover a story with Breast Expansion, Bimbos, Pole Dance, hot sex and an intense love story, then Dream Cure is for you. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Chapter one has great promises but chapter two feels rushed and abruptly ends the story. Three months happen without much thought and the wife seems to have no reason for what she does or an obvious plan or inclination before the transformation suddenly happens.

    Good art work as well.

  2. Hi, I bought the series when the first chapter came out but now that the second chapter has come out it has disappeared from my collection and I can’t see it, can you help me?

    1. Hi Marco, first of all and to make sure to get a fast and accurate reply, next time please contact customer care. Secondly, I’ve just checked your profile and downloaded the Dream Cure Series file containing 23 pages. Chapter #1 is included in those pages.

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Dream Cure

A very special pill that brings unexpected results for a very strange couple.

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A very special pill that brings unexpected results for a very strange couple.

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Emily is a very friendly and beautiful waitress, who with her gaze managed to captivate Jackie and win him over.
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Jackie Girl
An 'upgraded' version of the real Jackie. Thanks to this transformation, she'll be able to lead a much more exciting life.
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A loving lover dedicated to his dear Emily. Soon, his life is about to take a very unexpected turn.
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