Futa & Friends

Olivia can't get her ex-boyfriend and his huge cock out of her heads...until she accidentally wishes for one of her own.


Olivia hasn’t had a great week. She came in on her boyfriend cheating with some bimbo. But that’s not the worst part. She’s obsessed with his huge cock. Screw him, but how she’ll miss that tool. When she finds herself at a bar, loose-lipped, and drinking magical tonics she shouldn’t, she might just find the perfect replacement for her huge-cock-cravings. And the answer is definitely closer than she thinks! Soon all she’ll be able to think about is sating her beasts cravings. And with the added benefit of making breasts grow? She’ll definitely be getting a little help from her friends.

Official Publisher's Review

Coming from the Ideas forum of BE Story Club and Bimbo Story Club, we proudly present “Futa & Friends” and ongoing series about a woman who finds she’s perfectly capable of satisfying herself… and her friends… and her rivals with her growing appendage. This chapter features teasing, competitive dream sequence as well as some self-love with a new toy. The chapter features (obviously) futanari, height growth, ass growth, and plenty of breast expansion.

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