The Adventures of Superstar: Villains Anonymous

A support group for Superstar’s defeated villains receives an unexpected surprise one day.


Every superhero has enemies, some of them more powerful than others. But what happens when a small group of lesser villains gets together to vent and talk about their feelings? Tired of constantly losing to their busty rival, the group seems at ends with their lifestyle choices, wondering what they can do to get themselves back on top. Among them is a twisted cybernetic leader, a delicious edible giant, a mysterious noxious figure, a man with far too much love to give, and a slime monster. As their regular meeting delves into seductive chaos, complete with transformation and tentacles, the group is interrupted by a brand new voluptuous villain. One that brings a gift, declaring herself the new leader of the group. Who is she? What’s her plan? To what dark new lengths will the desperate group of misfits go in order to spread mayhem?

Official Publisher's Review

Superstar is back in a brand new fashion, more erotic than ever! Things have been going pretty well for her lately and she feels on top of the world. But from the brightest of days comes the darkest of nights. With a whole new arsenal of villains to contend with, BotComics is proud to bring this series back to life, complete with more transformations, more seduction, more corruption, and of course more milfs than you can shake a stick at! It’s a strange new universe we dive into and explore. Come with us and experience it for yourself!

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  1. I recently tried to preorder this comic on Monday but when I put in the code for the 15% discount it always says “Code exceeds limit “ what does this mean?

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