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The Adventures of Superstar COMIC


A day in the life of an outrageously busty masked vigilante is never easy. Between high speed chases, saving people from peril, and mad scientists, the statuesque Superstar is constantly being kept on her toes. But when she faces off with a perennial nemesis while foiling what should have been a routine bank robbery, Superstar comes across a new enemy; one that might may threaten to end her crime fighting career for good!


The Adventures of Superstar is a new story from author SaburoX that acts as a love letter to superhero genre in general and the silver age of superheroes in particular. The first issue of the miniseries starts strong in the celebration of the genreā€™s conventions; with colorfully costumed cape crusaders, ranting villains wielding an arsenal of gadgets, and superhuman physical feats. The characters are a bit more archetypical than usual, but this is primarily an effect of paying homage to the genre more than anything else. The theatrics of the superhero genre serve as a stage for the more vanilla breast expansion elements; however fans of breast theft and transfer may also enjoy the start of this miniseries.

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