Stranger than Fiction: University Daze

Selene’s living in a sorority house full of hot girls and a horny Sorority Mom. What could go wrong?
Stranger than Fiction: University Daze


The new cast of characters but same sexy, growing antics. Selene’s reality-warping powers haven’t lead to another growth “incident” in months since coming to college, but that’s all about to change. She isn’t doing a good job of avoiding temptation: she lives in a sorority house full of sexy co-eds, with drama that seems to burst from every room. Between the amazonian goth Greta, her bestie Bubbles, and the horny Sorority-House Mom, Selene has plenty of pent-up sexual energy to draw on. Soon she’ll find her roommates are more than a handful!

That’s not all, lurking about campus are potentially two other people with Selene’s powers?! And they seem equally interested in letting Selene indulge in her more lurid fantasies. But once unleashed, Selene might be more than they bargained for.

Official Publisher's Review

We shift gears to Selene, now in college. She’s dealing with boys, homework, roommate drama and of course, reality-warping powers. Selene’s powers are spurred on by her lust, and sometimes college days are just too hot and heavy–and this comic is no exception. It all starts with the most innocent of scenarios, being scolded by their sorority’s House Mom. But something snaps, something hungry and in need of filling. Things quickly spiral out of control for Selene when every girl in the house becomes an object of her growing fantasies.  This comic contains TONS of breast expansion, mini-giantess growth as well as a sexy Milf, and caps off with growing threesome and some male insertion. This takes the story in a new and sexy direction that will leave you begging for more! Don’t forget to like and comment!

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  1. Very nice, but I wish to see more of Selene’s Mom, she should become the biggest and hottest giantess in the series and Sorority-House Mom should become the biggest in the school, thanks!

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