Stranger than Fiction: A New Chapter

The reality warping high jinks of “Stranger Than Fiction” return, this time with Selena, a senior in high school, at the wheel.


In a spiritual successor to the incredible classic Stranger than Fiction, Selena had a normal life– she wasn’t the prettiest girl or the smartest… or well a lot of things. But she was happy, and she had friends. All that changes though when she wakes up from a bizarre dream with someone called the Author and finds that her world is warping to her every whim, no matter how small or large.

Now her mom’s a busty amazon, her best friend is spilling out of her clothes, and the entire school has gone rabid with an insatiable lust. Selena knows she’s the root of the problem, but she just can’t manage to control herself– or maybe she doesn’t want to after all? Come see how her adventure unfolds!

Official Publisher's Review

The original Stranger than Fiction is a perfectly crafted story– it has everything. This spiritual successor definitely matches the pacing of the original, paying homage while taking the story into its next phase. There are some truly great growth sequences, ranging from BE, mini-giantess, Age Regression, Butt growth, muscle growth, and tons of libido growth. For anyone who enjoyed the original, this is a must read.

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