Number One Fan

Lulu is offered the chance to work with her favorite pornstar, then swept up in a world of addictive lust!


For Lulu, a small-framed bunny, gaining popularity and dating is difficult. It’s hard to live with an insatiable libido and no feminine curves to flaunt it. To keep her mating hormones under control, she spends most of her free time online, building up a sizable porn collection. Lately, her favorite pornstar is a seductive fox named Miss Paws, who’s graceful and talented in all of her romantic scenes. Lulu, envious and idolizing, writes fan mail to her, and is surprised to eventually receive a response– an invitation to Miss Paws’s next film shoot! Leaping at the chance, Lulu walks onto the set, expecting behind-the-scenes excitement, first-hand experience, and is eager to maybe speak to the star. But the visit takes a surprising twist as Lulu’s asked to join Miss Paws during filming– and it’s another offer she finds difficult to pass up.

Official Publisher's Review

Hello, devoted readers! From all of us here at BotComics, we’d like to welcome you to a brand-new chapter of publishing– furry! Full of all the things you already love, from breast expansion, foxy milfs, to loving orgies, this new issue focuses on a small rabbit obsessed with sex, who’s in over her head once offered the chance to work with her idolized pornstar, Miss Paws. Join her in this new world of sex, transformation, huge cocks, and lust, getting lost along the way. Witness as this little rabbit is pushed to her limits, exploring how deep her libido can take her. This is sure to be an adventure you won’t want to miss! Enjoy!

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  1. This was interesting, and I kind of want to see a follow-up story to this. It felt a bit too short and rushed to me. Anyone else get that feeling?

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