Mojo Wagon: Mardi Gras

Shanelle and Lorena are ready to party at Mardi Gras, but what happens when they run afoul of a New Orleans voodoo magician?


Lorena is a party animal visiting her friend Shanelle in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We meet them just as they finish some shopping at the French Market and before a night full of parades, drinking, and debauchery! Unfortunately for them, they wander into the wrong alleyway and encounter the local voodoo magician. Curiously, the stereotypically ghoulish René Lemaitre wishes them well and sends them on their way. Sure, he put a gris-gris on them, but who believes in that stuff anyhow? These two co-eds are just here to collect beads and have a good time! Laissez les bon temp rouler!

Official Publisher's Review

Just in time for Fat Tuesday, we’re treated to a fun issue packed with parties and expansion! xCuervos captures the spirit of Mardi Gras in New Orleans and lets our artists run wild with exciting and colorful visuals. We know our readers enjoy expansion in public settings, and what could be more public than a crowd on Bourbon Street? We’re also excited to announce that this is an issue focused on some much-requested ass-expansion that really takes things to the extreme! Enjoy this fun-filled new series, and who knows, perhaps we’ll see the mysterious voodoo magician René Lemaitre again in the future? His cart is suspiciously similar to a certain magic shop that appears time and time again…

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  1. Hope we don’t need to wait a year for part 4…part 3 was kind of a let down. Last page was amazing! But too bad we couldn’t see how she got that big(the process).

    1. I’ll try to avoid spoiling too much: Lorena is much bigger than she was in Issue #2, but this happened off-page and she only makes a very brief appearance in this part of the story. Issue #4 will have a gratuitous, 2-page, very large expansion sequence and a lot of sex. The artwork is being drawn right now!

      1. Honestly this comic has so much potential, part 3 was ok but not enough Lorena process, too long a wait. I hope 4 will be amazing like you said I think this really hits on the whole ass thing a lot of the comics are missing and for what it’s worth it’d be even more exciting to see Lorena actually suffer the consequences for being so reckless and party hungry. I know a lot of folks wouldn’t like it but maybe she gets her just deserts and gets too big or explodes….

        1. I just hope we get more ass expansion content going forward. This sites artists do an exceptional job at it, there just needs to be more.

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