Loving Cupid

Self-recognized MILF Jackie gets a surprise visit from her friend Cupid on Valentine’s Day, and soon all hell breaks loose.


Jackie, a psychology professor, is feeling down on her luck and not incredibly special. After a recent divorce has left her seemingly alone on Valentine’s Day, her mood sours as she’s forced to chaperone her university’s annual dance. Looking around at all the students with bright potentials and happy relationships, she feels as if she can’t get much lower– that is until her long-time friend the-one-and-only Cupid shows up to try and improve her mood. But Jackie’s not feeling up to the fairy’s usual antics- such as a slight magical transformation to her own bodily dimensions. But when she spots her ex-husband putting the moves on a group of sorority girls, something finally snaps. This will be one Valentine’s Day to remember.

Official Publisher's Review

Valentine’s Day has always been a polarizing holiday, often leaving couples happy while depressing those of us who are single. Unfortunately for Jackie Tobey, she finds herself in the latter of these categories after a recent divorce with her husband, and the lovey-dovey schmaltz isn’t helping. She would give anything to escape it all.

This romantic season, join our hesitant MILF as she finds herself in a surreal and transformative situation that’s sure to put you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. See for yourself what kind of mischief the loving fairy Cupid has up her sleeves, as she wreaks comedic havoc. Find out what happens when a sexually-repressed MILF is pushed one step too far and is transformed into something beyond her wildest dreams!

From the creative minds of BotComics, this is a holiday treat you won’t want to miss!

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