Guaranteed as Advertised: Callisto’s Tale

When Callisto sees a new way to slim down, she convinces her boyfriend to buy them both a BTI Bodyshaper.


There was a time when stores stood by their products. Somewhere, there’s a store that still stands by anything they sell and guarantees they’ll work as advertised. Belle’s Boutique is one such store. Belle firmly believes that the customer should always get what was promised, though it’s not always in the way they expect it to.

Callisto’s birthday is coming up and she’s decided what she wants: a new bodyshaper, for both her and her boyfriend, Paul. However, once they put them on, the changes are far more drastic, and appealing, then both had bargained for. In the end, the bodyshapers work exactly as advertised.

Official Publisher's Review

Belle returns for her latest customers: Callisto and Paul. Callisto and Paul are a married couple that have let themselves go and neither of them are happy with how overweight they’ve become. This story lends itself to the similar “Spells ’R Us” universe but with a softer atmosphere. Much like Fahzbehn’s other stories, there’s a cute twist and, ultimately, a happy couple.

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