Guaranteed as Advertised: Aiko’s Tale

Aiko’s trip to Belle’s Boutique leads her to buy a latex top that grows when filled.


There was a time when stores stood by their products. Somewhere, there’s a store that still stands by anything they sell and guarantees they’ll work as advertised. Belle’s Boutique is one such store. Belle firmly believes that the customer should always get what was promised, though it’s not always in the way they expect it to.

In this short, Aiko and her boyfriend, Raul, stop at Belle’s Boutique for the first time and find an outfit that swells when it’s filled and promises “Get the look and feel of real flesh!”. When Aiko purchases it and puts it on, she gets more than she bargained for. A lot more.

Official Publisher's Review

This is the first of a new series of shorts by Fahzbehn.  As always, there’s a touch of sentiment and humor that people have come to enjoy from Fahzbehn’s stories. Similar to the Spells ’R Us universe in feel, Belle’s Boutique is little more mainstream.  Magic, as usual, plays a part.  Aiko is shy at first but opens up as her character develops.  Raul just wants her to be happy but ends up enjoying the results of her purchase as much as she does.  As always, it helps to pay attention to what’s advertised.

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