Cheer Captain

Jealously within a cheerleader team creates an orgasmic chaos


Julie just got named the new captain of the college cheerleader team.  This infuriates Demi to no end.  Demi should of been the captain, Julie is just a dumb slut.  The other cheerleaders don’t see it though, so Demi has to show them.  Demi plans to show them by using a potion she obtained from a gypsy woman.  The potion is supposed to turn one into an unrestrained sexual deviant.  Now how is Demi going to get Julie to take the potion?  Easy!  Demi jsut has to hide it in her drink during cheer practice.  Shortly after Julie drank the potion, the effects made themselves known much to Demi’s delight.  Demi decides to follow Julie to document her slutty antics for all to see.  Surely she will be the captain now after the whole campus sees Julie whore the hell out…

Official Publisher's Review

Cheer Captain is Bo Saget’s first story to the Bimbo Story Club.  The story focuses on the cheerleader fantasy.  It is hard not to watch cheerleaders and not wish that they were “cheering” for you.  Cheer Captain also includes breast expansion as an extra flavoring to the sexual situations.   The breast expansion also serves as a way for Breast Expansion Story Club readers to enjoy the story as well.   Cheer Captian is filled to the brim with sex, sex, and more sex.  The author aims to make each sexual encounter better than the last with a grand finale at the end.  Such is Bo Saget’s style in his works.

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