Bubbling Up from the Abyss COMIC


It’s action and mystery in a location never before written about by Kris P. Kreme. The setting is as exotic and foreign as any ever told about, the very bottom of the ocean, a place where strange jelly like creatures and eels swim among boulder mazes and slopes leading to chasms filled with strange forests of underwater life. There is of course a modern research facility called the Poseidon and that is where the mystery begins.

Setting a pace right off with the four main characters interacting as three are about to embark on their maiden exploration of the area surrounding the facility, the author also introduces us to the purpose for their mission. They are seeking living creatures who manage at depths and pressure unheard of by humankind. To battle the pressure themselves, Stephen, lead scientist, has developed special wetsuits with exoskeletal frames. These wetsuits should allow unprecedented movement and serve as a plot device to show not only how easily explorable the landscape has become, but also demonstrate that one of these four individuals is quite definitely a woman.

The exploration scenes are where the action begins, the mystery of what will happen next and when things will inevitably turn bad for the youngest member of their group, Debra Overman. With cliffhanger plot points, and literal cliffhanging segments, this is a story that is bubbling up from the abyss in more ways than one. It’s a ride readers will enjoy being taken on.


They were sent to study living creatures rarely seen by human eyes, to the bottom of the ocean with brand new wetsuits giving a new form of freedom for the very first time, to explore this alien landscape. The Poseidon research facility is a modern underwater construction, currently housing four individuals.

Stephen Fishel, an awkward man on land, is like a “Fishel” out of water. In the depths though, he is a leader among this group. His scientist aide comes in the form of Debra Overman, a mid twenties woman who is determined and purely focused on the job not the attention that she unwantedly recieves from a third member of their team, Raymond Dice. Dice is the grunt, a hulking man who is mainly there to follow orders, not having a scientific background. Finally, there is Jacob Reece, the oldest member of the expedition and serving as medical expert and advisor on biological specimens.

It is an unknown biological specimen that triggers the problem, attacking Debra Overman and creating some very unique effects within her, effects that will need time to study and be quite literally a pressing matter for the small group of ocean explorers. Will the Poseidon crew be able to continue their research? Will Debra ever fit into her wetsuit again? Or will the depths not be the only thing that proves crushing for the three men trapped at the bottom of the sea with a growing girl like Debra?

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