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Neil Barselksy has just found himself in a very unusual situation. On the morning of his 18th birthday, Neil woke up in an unfamiliar room, on an unfamiliar bed, completely naked. After a quick search of the room, he finds there are no places for clothes to be found; he spots some of his personal things that are actually in the room with him. He then does a quick search of the building he is in, and he finds all of his possessions, minus his clothing, in the building with him. It’s a really nice building, too. He knows it’s a structure and not just an apartment because he discovered multiple doors that lead outside and a fenced yard out back. He also noticed that all the blinds and curtains in the house were closed during his inspection. It’s at this point he notices a note on the counter of the surprisingly nice and fully stocked kitchen. The note welcomes him to “Narisa’s Naked Commune,” reading through the note, he also notices a mention of how the commune is a bit special and experimental, along with a gracious thanks for signing up for the project two years prior. Neil suddenly recalls some papers his mother had him sign while he was still half-asleep and swears up a storm about her for a minute or two. A few minutes later, Neil’s new neighbor drops by to say welcome to the commune, a busty redhead with a tropical tan named Gina; she brought a box of homemade cupcakes she had made in her kitchen. Neil later learns that for every 12 women, there is one dude, and the commune has a population that is over a few hundred. Just what is the deal with this Commune? Why does Neil have a weird feeling about all this? Why does he suddenly have a job that does not care about his lack of attire? These are the most immediate questions running through Neil’s head, along with questions about why all the women he sees in the commune are knockouts, basically models, and completely okay with the state of things.

A college student Dan is working in demolition over the summer, when helping tear down an old house he finds a sealed box hidden in a wall. Sneaking it home with him he finds it contains a stash of decades old bubble gum. Looking it up he finds this brand was recalled in the 1950’s due to undisclosed reasons. He does find though that there are people looking for this gum online while looking it up. Figuring he can make a profit from this he sets up a sale for the gum online and heads to take a shower.

His roommate Frank not knowing any of this sees the gum and snags some of it as he is always stealing food and other items from his roommate. He shares it with his girlfriend and buddies while out.

The girlfriend is the first to try a stick, and compliments the flavor, chewing and blowing bubbles while they drive to the mall. The others in the car decide to try some as well on the drive. Frank driving only notices what is happening to them once they arrive. Can’t figure out the cause until he observes the effect of his girlfriend blowing a large bubble has. He realizes it’s the gum but none of them can seem to bring themselves to spit it out. In the end four giggling blond bimbo’s chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles are seen shopping in the mall.

Ending scene is Dan seeing the bids on the few sticks he put online being quite high deciding he’s curious as to how good this gum must be for people to offer so much money for it, decides he can afford to try just one stick and pops one in his mouth and begins to blow a bubble.

Effects of the gum: a girls breasts grow larger corresponding to the size of the bubble. If the chewer pops the bubble they reabsorb the most of the intelligence it was filled with and their breasts shrink back, if someone else pops it they permanently lose a large amount of intelligence and their breasts remain enlarged.

If a man chews the gum the bubble first fills with their masculinity, then intelligence once they have fully become female

Anyone who starts chewing the gum feels compelled to blow bubbles.

Professor Taurus has finally completed his life’s work which will revolutionize the diary and beef industries. He has created a raw that when used on cattle increase milk production, makes them more docile for easier handling and increases their fertility and desire to breed.

He has to attend a weeklong conference and leaves his two junior assistants to watch over the lab and his prototype in his absence.

Harry and Phil aren’t really the science type, they’re only the Professors assistances because they need the extra credit from it to keep from failing his class. While fooling around a bit in the lab they cause the ray to swivel on its tripod pointing out the window where a female yoga class is taking place on the campus lawn outside the building. In their haste to reposition the ray back to where it was they trigger it, bathing the women in its transformative rays.

They switch it off and then watch as the women’s breasts expand bursting many of their tops as milk dripped from their enlarged nipples. Going down to get a closer look the two notice the women starting to make out with each other in a haze of lust, pulling one they recognize aside they realize the ray has also made them docile and simple minded as the girl barely notices her changes and just wants to sleep with the two men.

Harry panics on what the professor will do to them if he learns of this, Phil tells him to relax and phones their frat brothers to come down and collect the women, something they are eager to do when they see the state of them.

Harry follows this up by trying to figure out how to reverse things, Phil sees the opportunity and gets the frat brothers who weren’t lucky enough to score a girl from the yoga class to help him load the ray and its tripod onto the back of one of their trucks and take it down to the nearby beach. Harry busy reading the notes on the ray takes no notice of things as Phil and the frat brothers carry out their plan.

Phil fires up the ray again upon reaching the beach where a female volleyball tournament / beauty contest is being held. He watches with a smile on his face as the same effects occur to the women and he and the frat brothers pick out and drive away with the girls of their choice in the ensuing confusion.

Harry in the meantime has given trying to figure things out himself and called his childhood friend Whitney a mousey science nerd girl to help him. She’s always had feelings for Harry so she agrees even if she knows he never sees her as anything but a friend due to her lack of curves. In truth Harry has feelings for her but feels he’s not smart enough for her.

Having found a potential way to reverse things the pair go looking for Phil and the ray, they find both at the frat house which is in the midst of one large orgy. They find Phil testing to see what happens if he hits one of the girls with the ray a second time, she grows more nymphomaniac, simple minded and larger breasts.

In the argument and struggle that follows Whitney is hit with the ray, the effects on her are slower as she was hit with the last bit of battery power in the ray. Harry knocks Phil out and takes both Whitney and the ray away, they manage to rewire it to reverse the effects but have to wait for it to recharge to use it. The two get to talking even as Whitney’s vocabulary begins to reduce with her intellect each admitting their feelings for each other and this follows with them making love.

When morning comes Harry uses the ray to restore Whitney and then they fire the ray on the frat house returning the other women to normal, they drive through town with the ray on to reverse the effects on any other women affected in town. The Professor returns and is left none of the wiser to what happened as Harry has cleaned up, when Whitney who is also there asks about becoming an assistant as well the Professor decides to fire Phil who isn’t there and have her fill the position seeing her as a better option. Phil and the frat throw Harry out over the fight and his loss of access to the ray, but figure the effects of the ray were temporary and make no issue of that.

In the months that follow the frat is closed down, as while most effects of the ray were reversed and the women remembered very little, they did recall waking up next to the frat boys and thus came back to them when they found themselves expecting. Whitney is also sporting an expecting belly, as well as an engagement ring and a much better figure, having tweaked the ray in the past months to get the physical benefits of the ray without the mental effects without the Professor knowledge. She and Harry have actually been making some money selling treatments from the ray to various women on campus making their futures financially secure.

Robert envied Peter, he had it all, everything a sophomore at university could want. He had a cool car, a scholarship based on his chemistry wizardry, and every week he had a new hot girlfriend all over him. They had been neighbors for years and even though Peter was four years older than him he had always treated Robert like a brother.

That’s why he was shocked when Peter was arrested on the suspicion of kidnapping or murder as it seemed the girls he dated had been disappearing. Before he was arrested he had pushed something onto Robert telling him to keep it safe.

Upon examination he found what looked like a set of chemistry notes and a full spray bottle. Peter couldn’t make much of the notes, but he did figure out what was in the spray bottle, a love potion, this was how Peter had gotten all of those girlfriends.

Robert can’t resist the temptation he goes and sprays his long time crush the girl next door Amanda, one spritz and she is totally into him to the point of sneaking into his room at night for some fun. But as the days pass he notices some changes in Amanda, her hair going blond, her grades tanking and her figure exploding out her clothes. Freaked he goes to see Peter at the local lockup where he is being held, Amanda in tow as she won’t leave him.

Peter reveals that the potion is still a failed experiment he created partially by accident and is still trying to perfect, (his first girlfriend was his female research partner who was accidently exposed) While it makes the subject love the first person they see after being spritzed, but the side effect is the girl becomes a big breasted bimbo after no more than three weeks depending on the subjects initial intelligence level. That is why his girlfriends disappeared after that effect took hold no one recognized them, plus once the transformation completed the love aspect faded and they became nymphomaniacs willing to sleep with anyone so many left him looking for someone with greater stamina.

None of the parents believed that the girls he did mange to bring back after her staying with him a few weeks while he observed their changes was their daughter hence why he was now in prison.

Robert asks why he gave it to him then?

Peter was worried someone else may steal the formula if it was seized in the investigation, or not dispose of it properly, if it got into the water system there was no telling what havoc it could cause. Robert asks if there is a cure because he admits he used it Amanda. Peter sighs saying he was still working on that when he was arrested.

Robert goes home, where his mother confronts him with the spray bottle in hand, she has noticed Amanda’s change in attitude towards her son and suspects Peter gave him some sort of illicit drug he used on her. Robert tries to talk his way out of it but his mother doesn’t want to hear any of it and in a fit of rage dumps the contents of the spray bottle down the drain with a look of disgust at him and self satisfaction on her face even as the police show up to arrest Robert based on his mother calling them. Robert just stares at the drain while they drag him away and thinks of Peter’s warning.

Andrew has heard tales of Bigfoot sightings at a nearby mountain, which is also known for strange disappearances. Rita and Vicky two girls who both have romantic feelings for him accompany him on his camping trip to investigate. However they get separated from Andrew after he runs off after what he thinks is Bigfoot as some fog begins rolling in. After losing their supplies to a bear attack they come across a trail that leads them to a strange old time village not on any map and populated with very fertile women and men with very large bulges in the seat of their overalls. With bad weather rolling in they accept an offer to let them stay the night neither realising they will never leave. Such is the fate of all lost travelers on Preg Peak.


The village looks something like an Amish settlement, with the women doing traditional women’s work (cooking, cleaning, sewing, childbearing, child care, milking cows) which Rita and Vicky are expected to help with in return for food, shelter and the dry clothes offered them. Their hosts are an old couple and their two strapping young sons Richard and Vern. Their female host keep referring to Vicky as Victoria, not liking her name. Both are angry with Andrew for landing them in this situation and not noticing he was leaving them behind killing what feelings they had for him and removing the bad blood that had been between them because of fighting over him.


Their female host is appalled at how ill schooled the two are in a woman’s duties and plays the role of drill sergeant to impart the skills she feels they need into the two. The pair hardly notice time passing, the bad weather gives way to fog and the excuse now that the fog makes going down the mountain pass to dangerous, neither question the constant fog that seems to hang over the town. They are to busy learning to be proper wives to Richard and Vern who have won their hearts and their virginity several times over. Its only when bathing at a nearby spring with the other women of the town the two notice how improved their figures are, no different from the other local girls with their G cup breasts and wide hips.


The two are getting ready to be married, a few other couples will also be married on this day, one of the first they can recall with clear weather. The dresses fit snugly over their wide hips, large breasts and the swell of their expecting middles. Both girls are shocked to see Andrew, with far more of a bugle then they recall among the grooms. Seems he got lost and found himself in this town as well, and trained to be a good husband, a virile one as well as he’s marrying twin wives both sporting large bellies.

Arthur woke up groggy, the last thing he remembered was sharing a drink with Beatrice at her place. He found he was tied to a chair, Beatrice and Viki came into the room he yells at them to untie him but they just gag him and tell him he is just to sit there and listen to them.

They are tired the love triangle relationship the three have been having the past few years with him dating them both on and off. They want him to make a decision on who he wants to be with now or both of them will never see ‘him’ again.

Arthur’s gag is removed and he tries to convince the two girls to free him and that they can’t expect him to make a clear decision under these circumstances. The two girls simply shake their heads, then Beatrice pours a pink liquid over his head. They say they know he’s been stringing them along getting both to perform favors for him to in their competition over him. Both are disgusted not only with him but men in general following his treatment of them.

It was in one of their fights over him they realized how toxic the relationship had become and in consoling each other their hatred of each other had turned to affection towards the only other person who knew their suffering and they were now lovers. The two kiss and begin to disrobe each other at this statement.

Arthur is stunned as the two begin making out in front of him, he is annoyed as his hair begins to obscure his vision, he blows it out of his eyes, the sound brings the girls attention back to him. They are excited to see what is happening, the liquid they tell him was a potion they got from a strange store, their revenge on him, they uncover a mirror and Arthur watches as he is transformed from a man to a woman.

The two now naked watch as Arthurs manhood begins to glow blue, they grab a basin as Arthur begins to cum collecting it in the basin, the more he comes the more female he becomes, as his male identity and virility drains away through his cock, he even looks younger than his thirty five years when it is all finished, he looks mid-twenties at best. They then threaten to impregnate him with his own cum, and laugh at the panicked look on his face, they then use the basins contents to impregnate themselves, the only last thing they wanted from the male him the chance to start a family something they both wanted for years. The cum also seems to make the two mid-thirties women younger back to their early twenties just like him, but they also seem to  gain height and muscle mass becoming not quite butch but very healthy looking women.

Them making him a woman is their way of making sure he can’t do what he did to them to anyone other women. As an added bit of revenge the potion has also made it so that he is only attracted to men. They also admit that even if he had given in to their ultimatum to choose they were still planning to do this and would have rejected his advances, in exchange for the added effect the store owner had them drink a potion themselves and neither of them had any attraction to men anymore as a result.

They release him and he flees out of the apartment, he gets back to his own apartment which he shares with his old friend Jerry, who was always telling him to pick a girl or it would come back to bite him and was always jealous that Arthur could keep two girls like that as his own dating record was dismal.

Arthur goes to Jerry to try and get his help, but the moment his eyes fall on his old friend half naked and asleep something happens, he feels turned on, he feels and gives in to an overpowering urge to pull down Jerry’s underwear and suck his cock. Jerry wakes up and appreciates the view of the attractive Arthuretta giving him head, he figures Arthur brought back and extra girl as he sometimes does for him to have fun with. Not giving Arthuretta the chance to explain the two give in to their urges, when they finish there is a wave of magic that goes out. Following this Jerry remembers Arthuretta as his girlfriend who moved in with him a month ago.

Months later the three women meet at a gym all there to take aquatic exercises, as they change into their swimsuits they discuss how spending a few hours in a pool helps with the back pains their expecting status has given them. Both marvel at how well Arthuretta is bearing up since she is having quintuplets compared to them each carrying twins.

Oliva’s new husband was in hot water as far as she was concerned. While the college professor teaching evolutionary theory was on the whole a great guy he had one flaw, he was obsessed over cryptives, or otherwise believed to be mythical creatures. He believed they were potential proof of yet undiscovered evolutionary paths that avoided man due to hostile relations with humanity dating back perhaps as far as the extinction of the Neanderthals.

His latest lead on such had led him to without her knowledge make their honeymoon destination a campground where people had been going missing and strange creatures were said to have been seen in the woods. She had gone along with it because he had insisted on making all of the honeymoon plans to surprise her. Well she was surprised but not happy.

While she was an avid nature lover she still preferred to have internet access and a hotel to return to after appreciating it. This isolated campground in the Rocky Mountains offered neither. Other than a toilet and the office they checked in at there was only a single other structure a sort of game room for those staying. Looking it over it offered very little in entertainment, a air hockey table with a sign saying broken. Three very old arcade machines, a skee ball game, and some checker or chess tables. A few half empty vending machines also lined one wall. It looked like they dated back to the 1940’s and hadn’t been restocked since offering a number of outdated products.

One seemed interesting, the brand name at the top was half faded but seemed to read “Spells _ Us” it still seemed to have a decent amount of product in it, though the brands were a little strange.

Soon they and a few other campers find themselves transformed by the vending machines products.

The disappearances they learn were those transformed before them hiding in the woods waiting for the machines goods to offer one of the products known to revert the changed back to normal. They have over the years documented what items do what to the user but even now the machine still keeps producing new unknown items. The machine restocks at midnight every Sunday but the new products are always random. They can’t move the machine or it stops working the same for putting a fake out of order sign on it, preventing them from either having easier access or preventing new victims.


Boyfriend likes to do videos of him exploring abandoned buildings, dragged her off to an old abandoned mining town where they are filming in an abandoned mall, find a collection of old and odd vending machines. A few mutual friends accompanied them, hoping to find something to strip from the town for cash.

Finding the odd machines still have power they purchase a few items from them for laughs. When the effects kick in however they stop laughing, they find one of the item they purchased can revert the changes but the problem is there was only enough for one and the item isn’t in the machine any longer. They decide to search the town in hopes of finding a vending machine that does as they recall seeing a few more in their exploration with the same logo on it.

At each they purchase items they haven’t tried before in hopes it may reverse their changes only to become more changed. Will they find a vending machine that has what they need to reverse the changes? Will they become to transformed to move? Will they become so changed they forget they were human? Or will they run out of their limited supply of change for the machines leaving them stuck?

Product ideas:

BE/expansion-cola- increases breast size

airhead-bubble gum- intelligence lost is connected to size and number of bubbles blown and popped

changing chips- each chip has a random transformation on the body when eaten

Surprise button- a button on the machine that causes a random item to be vended out, perhaps not even show as available at half price of any other item on offer

Mars bar – transform into male

Venus bar – transform into woman

Preg-pop – makes the drinker or actually pregnant, amount based on how much is consumed

Merging / mutating marshmallows : once eaten person merges with next thing they touch or get a random mutation.

Pea-nuts – increase the size of a mans nuts, or if a woman eats them she grows a pair

Personality Pop rocks – changes the personality with each bite and pop, potential personalities: peppy, goth, housewife, grunge

Mental mentos – makes the person think any changes that occurred are normal

Animal crackers- transform entirely or partially into animal of cracker depending on amount eaten

Giant granola bar – increase an individuals height or size

Natural nature bar – returns person to normal or turns them into a tree i.e. piece of nature

Transformative twisters – causes random changes or causes further changes to transformations already experienced (i.e. breasts get bigger or multiply, giant becomes wider as well as taller, etc.)

Nerds – the more of the candy is eaten the more intelligent but also nerdy the person becomes

Toy wedding ring – will treat whomever gave it to them as their spouse

Lactating lollipop – causes instant lactation in the persons breasts

Cat girl candy – grow cat ears, tail, pawed feet and hands, multiple breasts and whiskers, consuming multiple ones will make the subject more cat than human. If a male eats it they will also become female.

Changing ChapStick – fuller lips or random transformation

Huge hot chocolate – gain massive weight

Honey honey Bars – transform into housewife in both appearance, i.e gender change, and attitude, in this case a sweet tempered submissive to husband wife, husband will be first male seen after consumption

Wife wafers – has two colors pink and blue, meant to be broken in half, the pink is for the woman and the blue for the man, whoever eats the pink becomes submissive to whomever eats the blue and acts as a wife to them.

Medusa malt balls – exchange legs for a snake lower body, snakes for hair, perhaps gain gaze to turn others to stone requiring subject to be blindfolded for others safety

Cleansing clear stream water – reverts other changes

Lustful licorice – induces instant nymphomania level lust

Centaur chips – eater becomes a centaur

Futa fruit gummi – person becomes a hermaphrodite, but with the base female body with breasts, wide hips and a cock

satyr sucker – turn into a lustful satyr

gummi worms – become a person made of jelly or slime

fruit cup – mix of pears, cherries and grapes – gives women larger breasts and wider hips and men larger balls

Reverting raisins / ration bar – reverse all physical and mental changes.

Mammary milk duds : every milk dud adds one cup size and causes lactation

The following items were thought up with the camp scenario in mind when thinking of what a vending machine at a camp might have which people would presumably need or run short of:

Simple shampoo – wash away dirt and those heavy thoughts from your head

Conditioning conditioner – becomes susceptible to whomever they see first after using

Slimming soap- washes away unwanted pounds

Transforming trail mix – random transformation

Passion panties – induces instant nymphomania level lust

Insta preg test- always comes out positive, and makes it so that result is true

Note: I invite anyone to comment with additional ideas for vending machine products

John a incrediblely talented Aerospace engineer, goofy white guy who is always lacked the finer talents of socializing with pretty girls. He has had girlfriends in the past, but has never been able to land the girl of his dreams.
Vanessa – Girl of Johns dreams, Tall, Brunett, athletic build of a fitness model and perfectly proportioned body. Former cheerleader and currently a fitness instructor at Johns gym. Looks like all your atypical instagram models.
Stacy – a raven haired latina beauty, former goth, somewhat demure, short and skinny. Works with John as a quantum physicist studying dimensional energy through Einstein Rosen bridge at his Aerospace job. John always liked her and found her attractive, but never had his eye on her because he liked Vanessa. Stacy has a crush on John but can never get him to ask her out.

Synopsis: John coming straight from his workout at the local gym, where his crush / girl of his dreams works to his job at Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC). John sore from his workout and distracted went into the FTL research department where Stacy works at. Stacy was excited to show John that she was able to establish a stable wormhole to another dimension, her hopes was to be able to syphon off energy to power the experimental FTL John was working on.
During a test of one of colider chambers , Stacy was calibrating the Einstein Rosen bridge is a specific frequency 666.6 zettahertz, which she previously able to establish a stable bridge. During her test startup routines, she forgot to engage the safety because she was thinking of what John would say, when he saw the successful startup. As she began running the test she heard the alarm and the coutdown to gate on the bridge opening. She desperately tried stopping the countdown but she dropped her key card down the grate and her sleeve got stuck trying to retreive it. John seeing this from a distance ran towards the alarms as the counter hit 10 seconds remaining as he entered the bridge chamber, he fumbled the keycard out of his lab coat and shoved it into the safety override slot, he brain was racing as the timer hit zero and the gateway to the alternate dimension began to open, the smell of sulfur, burnt flesh, and smoke filled John’s nose as he searched his memory for the pin code… shit what was is 8237?…. no… hurry Stacy screamed, “I don’t want to die!” John heard this sultury voice coming from the gateway that seemed to echo loudly in his head, thank you lover for my freedom, now I am yours… I got it he said 1337, that’s it! John recovering from his fumble moments ago pushes the forgotten code into the panel. The door stops opening and suddenly slams shut and powers down simultaneously. “whew” he said “that close!” He looked over at his coworker and friend, for confirmation. “Are you ok?!” He asked. “Yes, my lover I am now” the sultury voice said.
He looked into her eyes with perfectly black spheres looking back at him. They seem to pierce his soul. He reached out to her and asked offered her a hand getting her sleeve freed from the grate and retreived her badge. “My hero!” Stacy said.
As we he helped Stacy out of the collider bridge chamber, he felt a his body become warm and his heart beat faster and faster. When he looked at her all he could think of is how beautiful she was. He noticed that her significantly bigger, her lips fuller, and hair seemed fuller with more body.
“We should get out of here” she said, all this excitement

TLDR – Nerdy guy accidentally summons a succubus demon and which possesses his female coworker who has a crush on him. He falls in love with her immediately after the accident and marries her that weekend in Vegas. On his wedding night he relizes she is sometthing more than what he was expecting. Her tits grow massive, her ass enhances, her tongue grows, and her body becomes amazonia like. Her love making skills are second to none, she even grows John’s dick to massive proportions and takes the whole thing like it was made just for her. She then summons John’s crush Vanessa, and grows a massive cock so she could fuck Vanessa with John in a threesome. Vanessa becomes one of her thrawls for Stacy and Johns pleasure as she begins looking through John’s social media at his past girlfriends.

he Mysterious shopkeeper who owns the Spells R Us shop creates a powerful device thats shaped like a woman flashing her breasts and calls it the “B.U.S.T Engine.” It is powered by humans doing things like Growth expansion, Breast expansion, Sex, Orgies, Public Sex, Incest, Exhibitionism, Destruction, Etc. The more humans keep doing it, the more they powers the engine, which makes the shopkeeper stronger.

Lisa expended a lot of effort to keep a happy smile on her face even as she fumed inside; this was the third time she had been passed over for promotion in the past two years in favor of someone else not half as qualified as her.

She was beginning to contemplate looking for a job somewhere else, she cursed the day that she listened to her neighbor and friend Jade suggestion to come work here. She had praised how easy it was to move up the corporate ladder, what Lisa had failed to realize at the time was that Jade was moving up the corporate ladder by sleeping with her boss and either moving up as his secretary to a higher level or seducing the next level boss to the point where he ordered her transfer under him, in a number of different ways. So far she had slept her way up to being the personal secretary to the Vice-President of the company, a huge leap from when Lisa started working here when she was just the secretary to the office manager.

Of course it helped that every management position in this dinosaur of a company was a man, she’d checked after her second time being passed over for promotion despite her stellar performance and winning recognition in her field outside of the company. It was clear the glass ceiling in this company was practically bulletproof at this point.

She clocked out and made her way home, on the way she sees and helps out an elderly old woman who was being mugged. Those karate lessons really didn’t go to waste. The old woman is very thankful and presses a strange stone from her purse into Lisa’s hand. She claims it’s a wishing stone, it will grant the holder one wish then take 50 years to recharge before another can use it, the woman claims even as Lisa blushes she has it to thank for seventy years of faithful wedded bliss with a still very vigorous husband. The woman laughs at the blush saying every generation thinks they invented sex not wanting to think about how their elders brought them into this world. She informs her after she makes the wish to pass it on to someone else she feels is deserving in the future.

Lisa goes home to her apartment, the rolling the stone in her palm the whole way. She figures the old woman was just a little loopy, but figures why not and decides to go for broke and wishes that the gender inequality of the world would vanish if she’s going to wish for the impossible.

She then goes to sleep not seeing the stone glow in the darkness.

She wakes up to her alarm, half asleep she goes to the bathroom, she screams, between her legs is a large penis, checking herself over she finds her breasts are a few cups sizes larger, and her vagina upon inspection is also still present. She’s become a hermaphrodite, she panics wondering how this could happen then recalls the stone. She curses making such an unspecific wish, those are always known to go bad.

Not sure what else to do, in the end she gets dressed, happy to see at least this change seems to have also affected her wardrobe as she finds bra’s and oddly cut underwear that fits and is comfortable.

She begins her walk to the office, it’s at this point she begins to notice some irregularities, she can’t stop a single man on the street, it’s all women everywhere she can see. It’s a bus advertisement that finally clues her in, the wish didn’t make just change her into a hermaphrodite, it made everyone else one to. She figures that was one way to remove gender inequality, remove the concept of separate genders altogether.

She considers the implications of that, ok plus she wasn’t a freak, minus she wasn’t sure how she felt about the prospect of dating and having a family in this new world she thought as she saw two pregnant herms? Arm in arm walking down the street, trading the occasional kiss as they walked. She felt an unfamiliar stirring at the scene in her underwear and looked away. The number of topless people on the street was also distracting, I guess with everyone having tits issues of double standards on going topless weren’t an issue. She saw a set of muscled topless construction workers catcalling down at passer byers so not everything had changed.

Getting to the office she finds in this new reality she wasn’t passed over for promotion, ok another plus on this new world. She wasn’t sure if it was plus or minus that Jade was now apparently her secretary as she was now Vice President of the company. She hides in her office and uses the internet to try and determine how different this world is from the one she remembers. For one with no suppression of half the population into set roles technology for some reason is more advanced, there is apparently a moon colony, and several social issues never existed allowing people to focus on other issues so there is less crime in this world. This new herm form of human also doesn’t have periods but apparently their breasts increase in size on the days when their fertile.

Jade eventually comes in and Lisa is wondering if she managed to maintain a purely professional relationship only with her secretary that Jades managers in her old reality didn’t manage. Turns out in this reality Jade hasn’t slept her way to her position she earned it. But the two she learns are dating as is allowed in the company bylaws and they have a date tonight.

Lisa is unsure how to feel about that, she likes the new professional Jade, but isn’t sure how she feels about being in relationship in this world.

But as days turn to weeks, she comes to accept things as she continues to move up the corporate ladder and her relationship with Jade becomes more serious. We end with a very pregnant Lisa out with an equally pregnant Jade on a luxury cruise celebrating a record profit by the company and her promotion to company president. Lisa once thought about giving the stone to someone who she could guide to undo her wish but now, she finds this new world a much better one than the one she grew up in, as such she drops the stone off the side of the boat at night, figuring it’s better to be sure no one will reverse her wish this way. A fish swallows it and that fish is later caught in a net, the stone thus finds its way back into human hands waiting for the next wish.

Anne had met Catherine at the start of the summer; she had seemed lost but over time proved to be a great friend. Today on the last day of summer Catherine had decided she wanted to share a secret with Anne.

She took her to a strip mall, most of the stores were boarded up and closed, but in one corner there was a store with a sign reading ‘Fabulous Fashions’ with the statement underneath it of ‘we always have what’s in style, one size fits all.’

Anne was a little confused, the old woman behind the counter smiled as they passed her by. The store had an odd layout and collection of goods. Anne swore she could see suits of armor piled up in a corner, the racks didn’t seem to have any order to them, other than the type of clothing and gender with women’s things to the right of the store and men’s to the left, but she could see what looked like a fur bikini next to a hippie beaded vest.

Catherine took her over to a bin containing underthings all piled together, she reached in moving items like corsets and torpedo bra’s out of her way until she emerged with what she was apparently looking for. Then dragged Anne off to the dressing room and told her to try it on, Anne immediately rebelled there was no way her modest breasts were going to fill out this bra. Catherine insisted to the point of practically stripping Anne and then strapping the bra on, Anne’s astonishment her breast grew to fit the bra. Suddenly Anne realized why Catherine was such a knockout.

Catherine admits to this fact, that the person changes to fit the clothes, but then reveals something else, the shop also works as a time machine, if you buy clothes from a different era you emerge from the store in that era and sometimes in even different places based on where the item was made. Catherine has been buying swim suits for ages living in a perpetual summer in a variety of ages as a swimsuit always deposited her at the start of a summer. Not bad for someone who originally a ladies maid in the 1800’s looking for new underthings. Her first purchase had been a swimsuit she mistook for underwear and she’d been enjoying herself ever since.

Catherine has enjoyed Anne’s company so much she wanted to offer her a place traipsing through history having fun. Anne agrees but first want to find a few things to further enhance her look.

Catherine shows how every item has a tag attached to it with the stores logo, it states things like the appropriate age of the person wearing it, i.e. the age the person would become, its size, its place of origin and its era. There are only three problems one is that the tag is written in the language of the place and time it corresponds to, she holds up an Egyptian headdress with a tag written in hieroglyphics, second the handwriting is terrible making some of the writing hard to make out. Finally some items tags have fallen off making them wildcards.

Catherine also to watch for anything tagged ‘final sale’ anything worn or bought with that tag cannot be reversed, and can on occasion transport the user out of the shop upon purchase / wearing it so you can’t find your way back to the shop as it moves in every era, only purchasing and exiting allows a person to find their way back to it for future purchases. She declines to state how she learned that fact.

They have some fun trying on a few things and after a few mistakes, one involving a bit of a mess with a maternity bra, Anne is satisfied with her new look. Now it’s time to pick when to go back to. The two have summer fun in a number of different era’s until one faithful day. They are picking through the swimsuits on offer, with two of them it can be difficult to find two from the same place and era so they stay together and the shop only seems to restock at odd intervals.

This time the only matching set they can find are missing their tags, they are a set of grass shirts and tops that make both think of Hawaii, but given how long the fashion has been in style they aren’t sure what era they may be for. They take a chance, and end up in the same era, unfortunately both items were it turns out final sale, the store vanishes behind them as they become two island girls back when the islands were first being settled.


Learning the changes don’t occur until the item is worn Anne suggests getting some payback on some of the bullies in town. They purchase a number of items to fill a sack, then when the opportunity arises swap items from the sack with their targets clothes. They watch a stuck up bully girl know for flaunting her figure be reduced to a preteen via replacing her bra with a training one, a bully boy change into a nerd before flashing away to the 1920’s (or is replaced by an old nerdy man who could have been a nerd in the 1920’s), a mean old woman turn into a stunning harem maiden before vanishing to the 900 AD in a sultans harem.

They enjoy themselves till one day they are changing at Anne’s when they notice they are changing, turns out Anne’s mother did the laundry including the remaining contents of their sack, without realizing it they had donned a set of maternity blouses, turning into well stacked mothers to be in the 1940’s baby boom era in America.


Learning the changes don’t occur until the item is worn Anne suggests getting some payback on some of the bullies in town. They purchase a number of items to fill a sack, then when the opportunity arises swap items from the sack with their targets clothes. They hide bits in various places around town for people to encounter like landmines.

Catherine and Anne are invited to a summer costume party, Anne’s mother works as a seamstress supplying costumes to the local theatre; they decide to barrow a few things from what she is working on. Decked out as 15th century ladies they begin to feel weird then Catherine notices a Fabulous Fashion tag on a table, realizes the clothes come from there. To late they find themselves in 15th century London during the reign of Henry the 8th, and strangely everyone keeps referring to them as Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.


This time they can only find one pair that seem to come from the same era, one of them is tagged final sale, Anne suggests getting something other than swimsuits, but Catherine is set on continuing her eternal summer and decides to chance it. Unfortunately for her the ride is over, the two piece swimsuit was a maternity swimsuit, the final sale ticket locks her into motherhood as she ages up and grows out, reality shifts and they emerge in the 1940’s, a husband waits for Catherine who ushers her away. Anne laments not forcing Catherine to try something else, but then a cute hunk gives her a wink and decides why waste the summer as nothing can be done.


After spending a great number of summers together Catherine currently sporting F cups, meets a man while they are in 1950’s America, she falls in love and decides to stay after a long summer romance where Anne gets left out. Catherine tries to get Anne to stay with her, recommending the friend of her lover to her, but Anne just can’t see herself living in an age before the internet, plus the swimsuit she got for this era has left her with very small breasts. The two hug and Catherine drives off in the passenger seat of her new fiancée while Anne heads back to the Boutique. She thinks about what to do next as she wanders through the aisles, passing by the swimsuits, somehow she thinks it wouldn’t be the same, she passes by wedding dresses thinking of Catherine being perhaps a little jealous, but then passes by maternity wear and thinks perhaps not. In the end she stops in an aisle of tacky Christmas sweaters, winter coats, skis and other winter apparel, if the summer fun was over perhaps it was time to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Notes: This has multiple endings, because quite frankly I kept thinking up different ways for this to end, if this becomes a series than some of these endings could be slated for different tales and different women. Or the starting group could be made larger to run multiple endings at once with volumes past the first following a different pair of girls from the starting group ending up at different endings.

I fully admit that the boutique could perhaps be replaced quite easily with the spells r us store in this story concept, which ending may determine how well it fits with the current twisted endings that store evokes. I leave that to others to determine if this should be paired with story concept that or if this should become a new story vehicle for story tellers to use.

No one knew how it had happened, oh there were theories of course, that it had started as a government project, the mad idea of a mad scientist, or some mad billionaire as the source and the reason ranging from it being on purpose to an accident. The only aspect everyone could agree on was that men were the cause. You see ten years ago a nanite plague or virus had been unleashed on the world. It didn’t kill anyone, well some may argue otherwise but there were no real deaths, no zombie end of the world scenario, no collapse of society, no the nanites just changed people. Well anyone over the age of 18 at least, when it occurred and what triggered the changes was still being looked into, some referred to it as a second puberty, but most just called it ‘the change’ these days.

The men got off easy, the nanites caused men to become more manly men, shooting up in height, being ripped and sporting cocks of such that required a complete overhaul in the pants and underwear industry to compensate. Of course this also made the condition of blue balls more pronounced where men couldn’t go more than six to eight hours without having to cum, but that wasn’t proving a problem for most.

Women on the other hand had it far worse. Mostly because there was a much greater variety of potential changes that could occur to a women, that were still being catalogued and studied. Some girls just got more busty, some began to act like stepford wives seeking a dominating husband to marry them, some became half animal going into heat and having animal ears and tails, cat, dog, and rabbit were the most common. Some became imprinted onto the first man they saw or had sex with calling them master, others began to act like maids, orgasming from cleaning up after their man, they varied in variant from French maid to robot maids.

The only constants through all of these strange changes were these, the women became submissive to men, hot and horny all the time the whirring of dildos rammed into snatches were commonplace, the threat of battery supply depletion had almost caused worldwide riots, and a general reduction in intelligence though many argued it was the constant distraction of being aroused at all times that was the real cause not any real loss of intelligence. Finally no woman after the initial transformation five years ago who were aging into the danger area had made it to the age of 30 before becoming changed, and no one could figure out the trigger as to why some changed immediately upon turning 19 and why some would take longer before the change happened.

Still while all men waiting for the change to come with baited breath, women dreaded it, never knowing what form it would take. Ashely had lost three roommates to the change thus far this college semester, she felt lucky to thus far avoided the change. There were rumors some women might be immune which is all that really gave any woman hope. Especially the change was already starting to affect society, she was one of only a handful of girls in the college. This was the result of so many of her high school classmates having undergone the change in their final senior year, and many others not seeing the point of pursuing education beyond that with the change looming over them, they preferred to live while they could before they found theses to busy being fucked by studs to appreciate things like the seven wonders of the world. The only issue with traveling was many women never returned, choosing to stay where and with whomever they were with when they changed.

Her own mother a respected banker was now more interested in the deposits her male co-workers made in her then the monetary ones of the bank, they kept her on in her reduced capacity as she worked so well as stress relief for the office. Her mother had the unfortunate luck to become a pig girl, with a snout, six breasts, hooved feet being rather pudgy. She was proud to because herself a real bank piggy, with snorting laughter.

Ashley was thankful that the change wasn’t in any way genetic, so she at least probably wouldn’t be joining her mother in the mud hole her mother had exchanged some personal favors with the neighbors to have dug. But the random nature of it left her wondering if she might regret that when her change did come.

The last war had caused a disaster on a global scale, an unknown country had employed a biological weapon that once released had an unintended global effect. The disease killed 90% of all women in the world.

The world descended into chaos, some men worked to protect the women that were immune and had survived that were of child bearing age as they were now the most precious resource on the planet. This led some men to escape civilization to hide out making women seem all the more scarce. Other less noble men realizing the opportunity they had begun to auction their wives, daughters or sisters off to the highest bidder.

In the midst of this insanity an entity was created that was known only as ‘The institute’ the pioneered a new gene therapy that could turn a man into a fully functioning reproductive woman.

For those who had longed for this sort of gender reassignment capability it was a godsend, but it was also a way to restore balance. The institute however had its own rules. Until gender balance was restored women were to return to the roles of housewife and mothers, they were safer at home than being on the street and they needed more natural births of girls to make this work.

Society returned to what would have once been considered normal for the 1930’s women in the home and men in the workforce.

The way the instate worked is that they turned two kinds of men into women, volunteers who were paid a substantial reward in exchange for giving up their dicks and those selected by the government by lottery. A random lottery is done annually where a percentage of the male population turning 20 is assigned to be transformed into women, the exact percentage is based on the volume of volunteers from the previous year, the institute would rather work with volunteers then lottery winners and volunteers take to their new roles more easily. The transformed were often referred to as ‘institute girls’ or ‘instant women’.

All transformee’s are required to marry and have children, transformees genes were altered so that they would 75% of the time give birth to girls and they were expected to have at least X number of children in their lifetime as per contracts. They could seek a husband themselves or apply for the institute to find one for them that was compatible with them.

The institute girls were required to act and be feminine as such they were schooled at the facility in makeup, feminine hygiene, fashion etc. in daily classes they were to attend before being turned loose or turned over to their future husbands. As the therapy first stripped a man of his manhood but took weeks to fully alter the body into a female form this gave the men a time to transition.

In the case where the lottery or volunteers became resistant further gene therapy could be applied to enhance the speed of their transformation, enhance the end result of how curves they developed or some rumored even alter their intelligence or personality.

We follow Vern, a down on his luck high school graduate. He’s not very handsome, he doesn’t have great grades and he doesn’t have money, as such he’s unlikely to ever have a girlfriend or wife, with their choice of men with the shortage of women only the best, brightest and riches men are guaranteed to have a girl in their life.

When his friend Buster is unlucky enough to be selected by lottery to become a woman it gets Vern thinking. He decides his chances of having a happy life as a man aren’t great but as a woman he would have better prospects. He goes to the institute office and volunteers to become a woman. Buster is surprised to say the least to find his friend next to him in his orientation class on being a woman. Thus the newly christened Betty and Veronica begin their journey’s into womanhood in this strange world.

Volunteers: usually made up of those who wanted the payday of selling their manhood, but some volunteer to be able to provide those funds to a brother to be sure he can use it to get a wife to carry on the family name.

Lottery Winners: those wishing to avoid the lottery have one legal avenue to do so, no married man will be converted even if the lottery selects him. But there must be proof of a marriage prior to the person winning the lottery and if a child is not produced from the union within one year the man will still be expected to report to the institute to be converted

Men’s opinion of institute girls: though that a real man gets a real woman, it is thought by the elite that lesser men have to settle for institute girls. Most such men wouldn’t pass the institutes screening process for selecting husbands for their girls. Some men do have reservations about the fact their spouse was once a man, but typically they find nothing manish at all about institute girls in fact some claim as they were once men and know how a dick feels their better lovers then real girls. Besides the alternative is to die single and alone, not a great alternative.

Natural Women’s opinion of institute girls: Most are thankful for them, if not for the institute and its girls their mothers and even they may have found themselves reduced to baby factories in order to maintain the species. While they have lost access to the workplace and have to be mothers at least they can do it in a semblance of normalcy with a loving and appreciative husband. So they generally like to help them when they can, though some feel that volunteers are perhaps a bit perverted at heart.

Three female reporters are driving in an area where people passing through have been disappearing. Pretending to be ordinary travelers the seek to break the story. They head down an unmarked side road, after driving for a while they find themselves in a small town also not on the map, what is eerie about it is that it looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1920’s . (they arrive late at night and get a room, unknown to them while they sleep their room is gassed and each is injected by a mysterious figure, they awake unaware of any of this the next morning)

I figure for the all at once the concept of the hotel also being a daycare (not many tourists so this gives them a more steady income) which will add the girls to their expectant and lactating daycare staff would work. (I would start with one of them her personality is maternal and is drawn to cute babies, she could get sucked into the job while trying to casually ask the staff questions only for them to ask her to hold to hand them things while they talk until she’s unwittingly holding a nursing baby to her own lactating breast)


While Sarah headed to the library to check the town records and Christine headed to the salon on the grounds it would be where any rumors to be heard could be found Alex decided to question the hotel staff, being as it was the only hotel in town the missing women most likely would have stayed here.

Heading to the front desk she found no one there, thoughts of ringing the bell on the desk were stopped when she heard the wail of a baby coming from a door on the other side of the lobby. Remembering that the girl had stated that the hotel operated primarily as a daycare Alex figured the staff must be over there.
Heading through the door revealed to Alex a sea of cribs each one full with a cute baby, it seemed while the hotel business in town was slow, the daycare business was booming.
Woman: Oh hello dear, do you need something?
Alex turned to the source of the voice, which turned out to be one of the daycare workers, her back now turned to Alex once again as she focused on the task of changing the infant on the changing table before her.
Alex: Boy you really seem busy in here, I guess the daycare really gets more business than the hotel side of things, I mean other than us when was the last time you had guests staying.
Woman: Oh we get the occasional guest, mostly lost travelers mind you who missed a turn, never stay for more than a night or two depending on whether they have car trouble for old Joe the town mechanic to fix up. Darn out of diapers, would you be a dear and hold him while grab another box from storage.
The woman turned with the infant in her arms, and it was now that Alex could clearly see that the woman had to be at least 8 months pregnant.
Alex: Oh I don’t know I really don’t have a lot of experience with babies.
Woman: Nonsense its instinctual trust me, and you just need to hold her for a few minutes, just so she doesn’t start to wail and wake the others. Besides which I been in this business so long I just know you’ll be a natural, you have ‘future mommy’ written all over you.

Alex continued to protest but still somehow found herself standing in the daycare rocking the baby in her arms as the daycare worker disappeared through a door labeled ‘storage’. Alex had to admit that this did seem instinctual, like some primitive impulse at the back of her brain was being indulged. Alex took the time to take in the several other women working in the daycare, all seemed to share a few similar traits to the one that hand handed her the baby. All were clearly pregnant to a lesser or greater degree and quite well figured, Alex assumed this was due to the fact it seemed that those women who were feeding the babies were clearly doing so from their own breasts.

It could have been the result of any number of things, the baby in her arms, the smell of baby powder in the air, being surrounded by so many clearly maternal women, or even the strange soothing music playing from the speakers in the ceiling of the daycare, but Alex couldn’t seem to keep her herself from thinking about motherhood. She began to have a daydream about finally retiring from journalism, with all of its constant demands it put on her life, and settling down with a nice man and devoting her efforts to having a family.

Little did Alex notice the subtle changes that were occurring to her as her gave in to the daydream of what her life would be like once she retired and married.

Maybe she’d work in a daycare like this one, should watch over her own children as well as others cute little ones, Alex always had a weakness for cute things, and make some money at the same time. It seemed like the perfect future profession for her.

By the time the woman returns Alex’s shirt is straining from her engorged breasts, her shirt soaked with milk, the woman unbuttons Alex’s shirt and leads her to a chair where she is set to nursing babies to relieve the pressure of her milk, and a set of headphones to continue her brainwashing are placed on her head. The head daycare worker then goes to consult a list and calls Joe who is next on the list to head into town to collect his new wife.

Christine chapter:
Small town hair salons were the social hub for rumors in any small town, or at least that was the excuse Christine had used to justify to herself heading there for a manicure and a hair styling. So now here she sat under an old 1950’s era hair dryer soaking in the gossip laid out by the women around her.
Woman 1: I hear Glenda had her baby yesterday, a healthy baby girl.
Woman 2: Oh really well I heard that Milly is pregnant again.
Woman 1: Really! Already, my my, she and her husband must be going at it like rabbits. I mean she just gave birth to cute little Tommy just 4 months back.
Christine sighed, it seemed that she wasn’t going to be getting any information here after all, it seemed the main focus of the local women’s gossip involved who was and wasn’t expecting. She closed her eyes and decided to just catch some beauty sleep while she waited for the hairdryer to do its work. Christine figured she must have dozed off for only a moment before her sixth sense for gossip woke her again, as the focus on the women’s discussions had switched it seemed to a new target, namely the strange new blonde in their midst, her, keeping her eyes closed she listed.
Woman 1: So she’s one of the three staying over at Betty’s B&B.
Woman 2: Yes, I heard it straight from Marge this morning, seems they are a trio of college students out doing some traveling for pleasure over the summer.
Woman 1: Nothing wrong with that, best time for going out and seeing the world for women, before they marry and have a gaggle of children to look after. Makes me wish I’d done a bit more before settling down with Harold.

Christine had never really given having children any real thought, as much as she enjoyed the company of attractive men she had never given serious thought to marriage and eventually children. She supposed she should consider herself lucky that maternity fashion was more varied these days, and it could be an interesting look to try. Though there was the matter of what pregnancy would do to her figure, but and with this thought Christine cracked open an eye to view the almost entirely pregnant customers and staff of the salon, if they were any example a few babies may actually improve her figure greatly.
Christine seemed to not realize as her thoughts on children slowly changed from planning to never have children, to considering having several. With sons to do things for her and daughters she could do up to join junior beauty pageants.
All the while Christine had begun to absently stroke her abdomen, not noticing any of the changes to her figure as her breasts expanded to better feed her future offspring and her hips widened to allow for easier birthing due to the loose salon robe she had been stripped before being made to wear.

As such the special hair dryer was doing its work, as such Christine made no comment when the clothes returned to her weren’t the pants and shirt she came in wearing but a 1950’s era dress. She also gave the smartly dressed man calling her honey and she thought of as her husband a big kiss when he walked into the salon to pick her up.

Sam Chapter:
(Sam goes to the town library to try and see if there are any new articles in their archive to provide a lead, a car crash etc.

Sam had opted to check out the town library, in hopes that perhaps there was some record there of what may have happened to the missing travelers. After an hour of looking she had come to two conclusions. One that the library’s archive of the local paper contained no leads on the missing women, and two that this was one of the strangest libraries she had ever visited. The oddities were glaring; about half of the library was dedicated to children’s books and a story time center which even now had a pregnant volunteer reading to at least 2 dozen young children. The other half seemed to be split between pregnancy and child rearing guides and bodice ripping romance novels.

Though Sam did notice that these books seemed to be in high demand from the locals, as she saw dozens of young children not listening to the story roaming the children’s section, while most of the expectant woman seemed to reading one pregnancy guide or another while reclining in seats that seemed to be specifically made for their comfort. Those pulling books out of the romance section seemed to always retreat to private little rooms off on one wall of the library the sounds emanating from those closed doors gave proof to certain beliefs on expectants women’s sex drive much to Sam’s embarrassment.

Woman: How could you tell?
Librarian: Trust me dear I can tell from one look when someone is overdue
The Librarian had a smirk on her face as the woman stroked her large pregnant belly.

Failing that she decides to head to the local mechanics in case they broke down and he remembers them, finds one of the missing women’s car and mechanic gives her a lift to the address, arrives at house, finds woman happily married and pregnant, wants explanation woman invites them in for tea, even as Sam fails to get any answers from the woman the mechanic actually begins to tell the tale of the town, it was founded a generation ago by rich men not liking where the world was going with women entering the workforce, so they created this town where they controlled everything and they could keep things the way they wanted. At first the townsfolk were paid actors, but as news of the town spread through certain circles more men wanted to join in, to the point the actors were let go, only one problem, the town wasn’t a popular concept for women, oh they got the odd duck that wanted nothing more than to be a housewife, but to few for the men wanting the full experience, hence the kidnappings and brainwashing of women from across the country. Sam wonders why is he telling her this, is he dissatisfied with this where he wants to help her break the story? Nope he says, he claimed her as his already and he likes his girls with most of their minds intact, Sam gets in his face but a few keywords from the mechanic has her on her knees servicing him.)


All three pass each other on the road in town several months later, Alex cuddled next to Joe in the passenger seat a beat up pick up heading back out to the farm after a day’s work at the nursery dressed in her cut off daisy dukes and her tied off shirt already showing wet spots from her lactating breasts and her pregnant belly hanging out for all to see.

Christine sitting next to her husband on their way home from shopping for baby things which fill the back of the car, cuing over her baby bump thinking of how she will reward her husband in bed that night for his care.

Sam sits next to her husband in the passenger seat of his tow truck, her grease stained overalls barely containing her bust and pregnant belly, on their way to help a new victim of the town, caught in one of their carefully set up traps to disable cars on a certain side road. She notes the happy looks on her former friends faces as their cars pass. Her husband likes taking her out to pick up these young ladies, he finds them less intimated to find his wife in the car next to him then when he goes alone, makes the radio playing the subliminal messages have more effect if their calm. Plus he liked seeing her squirm, her own programming preventing her from warning any of these other victims to run.

The year is 1700, an expedition funded by a university is venturing deep into the African jungle. Doctor Paterson a botanist is looking for new plants that could have medical properties. He is joined by his colleague Professor Terrance a geologist who is mapping the area. The only other British member of the team is young Victor, he had joined the expedition in Africa hired as a translator between the two men and their African guides and porters. He had lived for many years in Africa.

Terrance is actually looking for gold, hoping to get rich to pay off debts he owes back in England, if he fails to find any he will be forced to stay in Africa to avoid his creditors.

Victor is in fact Victoria, her twin brother had two years ago went missing acting as a translator for another expedition heading to the same area this one now was. She hoped to discover the fate of her brother her only living relative and if luck was with her perhaps find him alive.

They a narrow gap between two mountains that is said to lead to a valley, the locals refuse to go any further, stating that legend states that ‘no man who enters that valley ever leaves’ as Victor translates for the two men. The two men insist on going on, without the locals who make camp at the entrance and say they will wait for them only two weeks.

The three enter and are quickly captured by the native tribe living in the valley and are taken back to their stone city. Both the men and women wear only grass skirts, leaving the native women’s breasts exposed, making both proper British men blush, even Victor blushes as all of the women are very well endowed, her own lack of endowment was how she tricked the two men into thinking her a young man. They are surprised when some of their captors prove able to speak English, saying they are not the first Englishmen they have captured. Victor asks about his brother which has the leader exchange some words with his fellows but in a local dialect that Victor can only make out one word of three of.

The three are stripped of their belongings and clothing, given the same grass skirts as the locals, thus revealing Victoria’s true gender to the two men and confined to one of the stone houses. They are fed a bowl of milk with herbs floating in it, none can figure what animal provided the milk, they saw no cattle or goats when brought into the village.

All three become worried as days pass, knowing their local guides could change their minds and leave without them, their days have been kept busy weaving baskets, cooking and other tasks to keep their hands busy. They put up no resistance in hopes that by showing they are friendly they may be released or at least create a chance for escape if watch on them is relaxed. Something seems to be happening to them, Victoria finds her breasts seem to be growing in size and her ass and hips expanding, even her hair which she had cut short to pretend to be male seemed to be growing out unusually quickly. Meanwhile the two men find their forms becoming softer, the aging Paterson even seems to be becoming more youthful.

One night a local woman quietly leads Victoria from the hut while the two men are sleeping, when morning comes she is very quiet and seems to keep sneaking odd looks at the two men.

As more days pass the two men finally realize what is happening to them. Paterson and Victoria are awaken by Terrances scream, a very feminine scream. The young man has finally put the pieces together as his developing breasts have finally gained enough mass to swing on his chest, his hair has grown unusually quickly. Plus this morning he has found his cock shrunken and his balls and ball-sack have vanished. Paterson soon notes the same changes to himself.

Victoria reveals she knew this was going to happen since a few days past. She had been called from the tent to see the chiefs’ sons’ wife, who turned out to be her missing brother, now her missing twin sister. The transformation was definitely complete in its change of gender as her sister was soon to give birth to her niece or nephew. The two men were also to be assigned husbands from among the village men.

The two protest that they will not go willingly, Victoria states that would be unwise and talks to the local woman in the hut, the three are led out to another hut, inside they find four Caucasian women pregnant and in the midst of an orgy. The locals have other herbs it seems that can reduce the transformed to nymphomaniac breeders if they attempt to escape or not fulfill their female duties. Refusing to consume more is pointless at this point, doing so will only slow the change at this point as they are past the critical point of saturation.

Paterson becomes interested in the herb used to facilitate their transformation, choosing to focus on that to distract himself, he becomes close with the shaman who is knowledgeable about herbs. Learns the milk the herbs soak in is human breast milk.

Terrance seeing no help coming from the other two quietly plans his own escape attempt, he first attempts to take their female tutor who has taught them and watched over them from the start hostage, that fails. Paterson though starting as a fifty year old man is turning into a woman who looks no older than her mid twenties. The transformation has rejuvenating effects and some tribesmen willingly ingest it for the good of the tribe to keep their skills and knowledge in the tribe longer. Their tutor was in fact seventy years old and had once been the most skilled warrior of the tribe, hence why she had been assigned to watch them. Terrance is given a higher dose of the herb making his breasts grow larger. His second and final attempt his greed dooms him, he sneaks away but tries to take a sack of gold jewellery with him, not taking into account his loss of strength due to the transformation he soon tires and the sound of the bags contents jingling and his heavy breathing result in him being caught.

He is brought back to the tent and fed a different herb, immediately Terrance breaks out in a sweat, his lips become bee stung big, his breasts expand as does his ass, his hands bury themselves in her vagina, but no matter how she tries she cannot attain release. Begging for release, three men of the tribe enter and removing their grass skirts provide that relief to all three of her holes.

Victoria has a choice the two men do not, her sister has used her influence so that Victoria may leave if she chooses, but if she does she may never return as she will not be given the chance to leave a second time, if she returns from the valley she will never again see her only living relative or her nieces and nephews. She has only until the two men’s transformations are complete, which will take 3 more days to make up her mind. If she stays Victoria may seek her own choice of husband from among the men of the tribe.

Notes: Not sure if the tribe should also have a herb for making them forget their male lives in place of or together with the nympho herb as a potential punishment or to complete transformation.

Trevor was down on his luck and at the end of his rope, at the age of fifty he had nothing to show for his life. He was a compulsive gambler and he was down to his last 50 bucks. Whenever his luck has gotten this bad he has in the past resorted to thievery to put some money back in his pocket. He heads to a strip mall looking for something he might be able to boost, he finds this odd shop that seems to sell antiques. Thinks this is perfect high value stuff that is relatively easy to carry.

He goes inside and is immediately confronted by the store owner, warns him against theft, and offers him something to turn his luck around, it will just cost him his last fifty bucks. A little intimidated by her seeming to know his intent and the amount of money he had he figures why not and hands over the fifty bucks. She hands him a set of dice.

Feeling a little cheated she explains these are magic dice, when rolled they can change the persons life, all he has to think about is what he wants to change. However she warns that luck plays a part in this, if the dice roll snake eyes whatever he wants to change will get worse for him, if he rolls between 2 and 4 it will change but not entirely in his favor, a roll of 5 to 7 will change it in a neutral way, rolls of 8 to 9 will change it in a good way and rolls of 10 to 12 will give him what he is asking for and more.

He figures he’ll give it a shot but first wagers with the owner that if nothing happens she’ll not only refund his money but pay him back double his fifty bucks. Then rolls on having a second chance at life and the dice come up 6, suddenly there is a flash of light and he is looking down at the dice, now sitting on the floor of his old bedroom, he is back in his childhood home and his is 19 again in the 1960’s.

He continues to use the dice, changing his family from farmers to being in the city, he improves his physique and upgrading his girlfriend from a curve less dull blond to a fiery redhead. Trevor finds himself in a rather good life, however his compulsion gets the better of him, he keeps using the dice, and unfortunately the rolls start to come up bad and some previous rolls that seemed to come out ok prove to be anything but.

His new girlfriend is a gold digger who sees him as an ATM and cheats on him, the change from his family living in small town to a big city has made it so that Trevor is a part of a gang of street hoods.

Finally a draft notice for the Vietnam war arrives for Trevor, in his first life he had done his service and he didn’t want to do it again, so he rolls the dice, he rolls a 2, and now Terri doesn’t have to worry about the draft but she isn’t happy about it. Further rolls just enhance her feminine features and dig her further into the hole she is digging for herself as she loses what gains her previous rolls gave to her life. Finally the dice land on snake eyes, there is flash. Terri is now a married house wife, completely submissive to her overbearing husband who expects her to cook his meals, clean his house and bear his children. No matter how she tries to resist whatever her husband says she can only respond with ‘yes dear’ and do it, no matter how tired she is or how much her pregnant belly gets in the way. No matter how much she looks she can’t seem to find the dice to try one last roll to change her fate.

The Spells R Us store owner smiles as she watches through her crystal ball, she rolls a set of dice along the palm of her hand, they change from being made of glass, to gold, to ruby, changing shape as well, until she holds two crudely made dice made from bone in her hand. She left out one aspect of the dice from Terri, luck was a fickle lady, the more one rolled the dice the more the probability of bad rolls increased. If used in moderation they could indeed change a persons life for the better, but for those who relied on them or pushed their luck only a bad end waited for them. Now who would be next to roll the bones of the goddess of luck.

Erin Davis is a 21 year old woman who always wanted to be fit and workout just like her father. While walking through the mall to buy fitness equipment, she stumbles upon the spells R us shop. When she starts looking around, seeing the antiques in there, the misterious female shopkeeper accidentally jump scares Erin from behind. Quickly noticing that Erin was staring at the shopkeeper’s large breasts and cleavage, she knows that Erin wants to be fit so she gives her two magical dumbbells thats shaped like breasts and they weigh as much as the imagination of the person who wields them. Amazed by this, Erin goes back home and starts working out with her new weights. After working out, she falls unconscious and enters a deep sleep, entering her dream that is now she is standing in front of a female gym called “MILF’S GYM” guarded by two muscular women with large breasts and tells Erin that in order to get a gym membership with them, she must workout, while also doing sexual favors with the current members.

Mighty Woman is the worlds most powerful heroine, her only one weakness is that if anyone drinks her breast milk they become powerful, one drop makes someone just as powerful drink more and they become more powerful.
Might Woman true identity is Ann Cooper, high school nerd and bi mess, mathletics champ and lover of manga, 70s/80s horror movies and ttrpgs.
Three mean girls who find it fun to bully girls like Ann find out not just that she’s Might Woman but about her milk and to get that power for themselves.

After finding out her noisy neighbours have decided to throw another party, A not-so friendly neighbourhood witch decides to send a bunch of forbidden fruit to the party goers.

At first the gifts are graciously accepted but soon the party goers begin to notice various changes to their bodies depending on what fruit they greedily devoured.

First up is the host Laura and her two best friends Chloe and Ava who partake in a blueberry (full body expansion), watermelon (breast expansion) and pear (ass expansion) respectively whilst setting up for the approaching party!

Hank Relvenson has just turned 18 and is a fresh graduate from high school, and a company he has never heard of before has just hired him to work for them; they even said they would take care of his moving costs for everything. Hank is given directions, and a very attractive navigator (she’s a Scandinavian Blond with an F-Cup bosom and juicy ass, she also goes by the name “Brina”), to his new residence, found in the town of Erosheim, a place almost nobody beyond his copilot seems to have even heard of.

When he gets to his destination, he finds the whole place is a massive complex that is literally underground and exclusively run by the pornography industry. Devin suddenly realizes he was not only hired by the porn industry for some role the moment he finished high school and was of legal age in the USA but likely a special role in the town itself. Hank has a secret he’s been hiding his entire life; he is incredibly well-endowed when it comes to his cock and balls but also has possessed the natural ability to control the level of his erection’s hardness almost as soon as he hit his teen years; somehow, someone who is in charge of this place found out his secret and recruited him to the ultimate porn set. Hank has always been under the impression he isn’t star-worthy when it comes to looks; in his opinion, he is just a little above average in the looks department. Devin also gets a surprise when he finds out his copilot is not only his neighbor but also someone they expect him to do regular shoots with. He later learns her name is actually Mille but answers to the stage name of “Cataline.” He later gets taught by a well-endowed man and woman with dark skin the rules of the town and what is expected of him; they never gave him any names or aliases they used, just had him call him “Mr. Teacher,” and her “Mrs. Teacher.”

Hank meets quite a few of the town’s members shortly after his orientation classes. He manages to make friends with a few of them much easier than he anticipated. He even meets, and later regularly dates, a well-endowed woman named Jania; she is one of the few people who actually works behind the scenes, as a scriptwriter, and in front of the camera, as a lesser-known figure with the moniker of Milky. Devin finds himself wanting to fuck her the most regularly and eventually proposes to her, after some teasing play, because she likes him too, she says yes; their wedding has a family-friendly “official” version, where their family and friends that want to bring kids can enjoy the whole thing, and they can get married in a means that is legally recognized, and a pornographic “unofficial” version, where the two play a kinky nun and priest that officiate their own marriage for the cameras.

There exist worlds parallel to our own where what we would consider bizarre is considered mundane and the mundane bizarre. These parallel worlds are like layers on a cake, and occasionally someone will slip from one tier to another. Do not attempt to adjust your bra strap we have control over your cup size. We can make your areola larger or smaller, or turn on your milk flow because you have wandered into the BE zone.

Two friends are on a boat to a resort on a small island, they won an all-expense paid trip their on a radio promotion call in game. The island lives up to its name, pleasures of all sorts for this women’s only retreat are to be found, from the more mundane spa treatments, fabulous shopping, all you can eat food, games of chance and rides, to the more mature of a strip clubs, male escorts for rent and close door orgies.

However while no money is being asked of these women, all of whom seem to have won trips to this resort another form of payment will be extracted from them. The friends soon notice a change seeming to come over their fellow resort goers, the crowd seems to contain much more buxom and beautiful women then the day before. As the second day goes on they notice other changes, everyone seems more forgetful, horny and bi-sexually oriented, themselves included. Then the learn the truth this island is magical and the cost of their indulgence is that they will be turned into buxom bimbo’s to supply strip clubs the world over or for those of great beauty auctioned off as trophy wives to the very rich.

Can they escape the island before they are to horny and stupid to recall why or want to get away from the nice men promising them a life of sensual pleasure for the rest of their days.

There exist worlds parallel to our own where what we would consider bizarre is considered mundane and the mundane bizarre. These parallel worlds are like layers on a cake, and occasionally someone will slip from one tier to another. Do not attempt to adjust your bra strap we have control over your cup size. We can make your areola larger or smaller, or turn on your milk flow because you have wandered into the BE zone.

Eliza has always been flat as a board; on her 19th birthday she wishes she had larger breasts while visiting an exhibit on human’s view of fertility through the ages, a statue glows without her noticing. She wakes up and finds that the world has changed; not realizing her wish has caused her to shift to another reality.

In this reality women’s breasts never stop growing, as such huge breasts among women is common. In fact most women who marry become housewives because pregnancy further increases the rate at which a woman’s breasts grow, to the extent most become immobile in their own homes, tended to by their husbands and children. Eliza mother can still get around with the help of a dolly, but as milk production is also permanent must often milk herself. Eliza learns in this reality cows are not raised for milk just meat as women provide all the milk human society could need. To make matters worse a woman’s intelligence and sex drive seems linked to her chest size, the larger a woman’s breast size the less intelligence she holds onto and the more she craves sex, her once intellectual mother now talks and acts like a cock hungry bimbo.

This reality seems like even more of a hell for Eliza as her transference to this world has gained her nothing to enhance her own bust. But she soon learns many other women are jealous of her, as they view her apparent slow growth to mean she will be mobile longer than any of them and be able to find tops that fit, most women go topless once their breasts reach a certain size. Men also flock to Eliza, as a woman who won’t become immobile or an bimbo till later in life is sought after as it means less time caring for them and more time they can help with child rearing. Girls her age with large breasts are avoided and tend to end up spinsters living in dairy communities providing milk to the community. As such most products for women seek to make their breasts seem smaller rather than larger in this reality.

Enjoying her new popularity among the local men and getting lucrative endorsement and model jobs, Eliza is enjoying her new world till she notices her breasts are starting to swell like the locals, something she at first thought she would be immune to as she wasn’t actually from this reality. She quickly realizes the local milk seems to be connected to her growth, the problem is everything in this reality seems to contain milk, can she land a good love match before she grows to large and stupid?

Note: the link between breast size and intelligence could be taken out if it makes for better story telling.

This was me playing with a sort of inverse logic of what we usually see in tales here, should be interesting to see how community reacts to it.

A young women bought a working voodoo doll from the spells r us shop and has for years used it to embarrass and take revenge on others at school. One day back from college she leaves the doll in her room where it is found by her much younger sister who simply sees a doll. She dresses it up in one of her sister’s scarfs and proceeds to make changes to the doll thus making changes to her sister. Her sister realizing what must have happened rushed to try and get back home before the changes go to far, or enough time passes to make the changes permanent.

The sisters are not on good terms as such the protagonist must retrieve the doll without her sister noticing her and realizing the power she now has over her.

Note: removal of scarf from doll without first restoring it to normal locks changes, perhaps even wipes the elders memory of what she was before. The doll is also made from a malleable clay, allowing the user to manipulate the features of the doll, adding any form of additional clay can increase the size of various parts. the doll magically returns to default (genderless human shape) when the personal item is removed and takes the form of the person when a persona item is attached.

A young woman takes a part time job at a local daycare in a small town she has just moved to, the daycare is run by a new-age hippy type woman who believes that nature should provide all needs. Thus she makes use of cloth diapers, wooden toys and feeds the children only natural breastmilk, which her new employee will soon find herself helping to provide.

Basically all of the staff are busty and lactating milk machines, the daycare is just as much in essence a dairy as it is a daycare. The main character quickly finds her breasts expanding to match the large endowments (large dark areola, expanded nipples, etc.) of her co-workers and lining up for her own turn to nurse the tykes in their care and take her turn at the milk pump in the evening before bed. Pumped milk is sold to hospitals, so despite the simple nature of the daycare the owner is actually very well off from such sales. While the protagonist is apprehensive about it, her boyfriend has nothing negative to say about the perps of her new job.

Trance-Tory Takeover

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