Cum to Grow

An experiment goes wrong, now women are growing huge from cum! The men better watch out, these ladies are hungry!


Dr. West thought her human-growth research was over and done for when a lab accident destroys everything. Little did she know, her human trials had just begun! Now the cum of every man in town will fuel women’s growth, and fuel their hunger for more! Jackie and her boyfriend, Roland, are the first to get hit by the radiation, but they are by no means the last. Soon after Roland realizes that with the entire town affected, his Milf Mom is growing at a rapid rate too!

Will Roland and Jackie be able to solve the mystery and save the town? Does the town want to be saved? And how big will these ladies get? Find out now in the first chapter of “Cum to Grow!”

Official Publisher's Review

We are excited to bring you another chapter from the BESC Ideas section. It’s a classic idea, but the author has brought it to life with some very intense sex and growth scenes. This comic is jam-packed with action. With cum as the culprit of growth, you know it’s going to get hot and heavy. Three different ladies will have their fun growing, including two hot Milfs!

This chapter includes BE, ass growth, amazonian-growth, cum-inducing growth, giantess on normal-sized man blowjobs, cock and ball growth, and threesomes. Be sure to like and review!

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