Giantess Ranger: Fight Back

There’s trouble brewing at the beach for the Rangers… something big is coming…


Babes, beers, and burgers at the beach! After dealing with so many of Queen Rotten’s villains, the Rangers feel they’ve earned some well-deserved time off. But when a new seductive minion suddenly arrives, attacking innocent civilians and changing their bodies, it’s up to our heroes to once again save the day! This new opponent packs a punch, growing and shrinking the Rangers out of control. Huge bouncing boobs are everywhere! Ultimately, it’s up to the brave Yellow Ranger to conquer the villain and rescue her friends, doing whatever’s necessary to come out on top– and that means taking extreme measures. Summoning her courage, she’ll go above and beyond what’s expected of her to win the day! (And possibly get some pleasure in the process.)

Official Publisher's Review

In this thrilling continuation of the Giantess Rangers series, join our heroes as they try enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, only to find a brand new buxom fiend awaiting them. Surrounded by seductive chaos, it’s up to the Rangers to once again save the day and protect the earth from Queen Rotten’s sinister schemes, resorting to whatever means necessary to ensure the safety of people everywhere. Watch as this new foe, Double Trouble, uses her evil transformative abilities, leaving only the Yellow Ranger to try and succeed. Will the Rangers come out on top? What other surprises await them? Just how far is Allison willing to go in order to win the day and rescue her friends? Find out in this page-turning issue of Giantess Rangers: Fight Back!

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