A Cupid’s Big Day

Lo, a newbie cupid, has been thrown into her first day of training on Valentine's Day. She quickly gets in over her head, figuratively speaking at least.


In a world where Cupids grow based on how many people they can make fall in love, Lo as a newbie is the bottom of the heap. That is until a dark idea slinks into her life in the form of her more devious self.  She finds herself quickly consumed by the idea of bringing love to everyone, and outgrowing everything.

Official Publisher's Review

One of the Valentine’s Day special comics, this focusing on giantesses.  Breast expansion features heavily as does masturbation and insertion. The story is detailed, yet gets directly to the actions as Lo lets into her darker desires, taking advantage of a new arrow that allows her to grow exponentially from her work as a cupid. There is a bit of faux-age progression, despite the fact the main character is a fairy (and definitely over 18).

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