College Controlled

A sexual game between a student and teacher approaches dangerous levels when both dispute the control of their relationship.


Amy is a psychology student at a College where she attends Rachel’s classes. Both have daily sexual encounters in which Rachel uses bondage elements to pleasure Amy. Their relationship goes a step further when Rachel begins using hypnosis to increase the size of Amy’s breasts and grant her even more sexual desire.

Elliot is Amy’s tutor, trying to help her in her career. But he’s also trying to help her overcome her shame and shyness to better develop as a student and future professional. As his guardianship progresses, he begins to suspect that there is something blocking his improvements. While Amy becomes further dependent on her hypnosis sessions, Rachel uses them to extend control over her. She tests Amy’s submission and loyalty by alluring a new student, Mia, in her sexual games.

Official Publisher's Review

A Cruise Controlled spin-off, based on the college and university theme. Follow this erotic thriller between a rigid teacher named Rachel who zealously enjoys her power over other people, and Amy, a shy student who wants to find freedom through bondage. They use hypnosis to expand their sexual horizons and increase the overall pleasure of their sexual encounters. Their relationship further intensifies when Rachel introduces Mia, a young beautiful student, into their private sessions in an attempt to extort further control over Amy.

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