Big Blue Title

Big Blue

A superheroine fights crime with her breasts!


The Inaugural Issue Introducing the Indigo Ingenue.

The story opens with a bank robbery in a generic city. Four ruthless robbers threaten the patrons and employees with violence.

The robbery is foiled by YAELIN—a nude, blue woman with impossibly large breasts. Yaelin pummels the bad guys, deflects bullets with her nipples and hypnotizes the gunmen with her jiggling.

The blue beauty bashes bad-guys with her bodacious bazooms, mashes the malicious with her monumental melons and crushes criminals with her colossal cantaloupes. This isn’t another story about a super-heroine with big bazongas, this is a story about a super-heroine whose superpower IS her big bozangas.

Meanwhile, bank executives DWAYNE and ELAINE GANTRY plan to contain the danger, but Elaine also has super-powered breasts, and it looks like the robbers have an inside accomplice with inflatable airbags.

If Yaelin cannot foil the robbery, Earth itself could be doomed!


Official Publisher's Review

Bot Comics is proud to bring you this classic erotic fantasy story from the legendary Mase Corgan with artwork by our popular contributors Peter Logan and Chris Flash.

The Big Blue series follows the eponymous top-heavy do-gooder—the only super-heroine who fights crime with her breasts. Long time fans of the character will love Logan and Flash’s modern take on the character’s sexy look.

Chapter 1 follows a familiar comic book scene as ruthless bank robbers are taken down by a masked vigilante, except YAELIN, a.k.a. BIG BLUE isn’t wearing a mask, or, in fact anything. With shiny blue skin, curly black hair, and impossibly large breasts, Yaelin takes down the bad guys by extending her bazongas, slapping, tripping and confounding the bad guys. She even has a unique method of making herself essentially bulletproof. Perhaps a riff on Wonder Woman’s bracelets, Yaelin can move her steel hard nipples into position to deflect the slugs.

Of course, that’s just the main, story. We see some supporting characters and unexpected villains emerge and when Yaelin discovers the true motivation for the daylight robbery, the plot thickens.

“The Best Way to Rob a Bank . . .” is a masterful introduction to the world of Big Blue. Whether you’re an old fan or just a lover of heroic fantasy that’s fill with super-sexy breast expansion, you’ll enjoy this truly unique adventure.

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Big Blue #1

A superheroine fights crime with her breasts!

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Blue superheroine with impossibly large breasts.