Codename: G-Woman

A girl becomes a giant, flees into the forest where she is confronted by the army.


The story begins with Gail Parker, writing his memoirs of the events that happened that led to their current situation. Now she is a giant. Recall that she was having sex with her ​​boyfriend and in an excessive orgasm became gigantic, to the point that broke the ceiling and the wall of the house where they were. She runs naked through the village and into a forest. There, a government helicopter approaches and a soldier offers to help her with what was happening.

Official Publisher's Review

Gail Parker is enlarged without knowing why. From there his life changes completely. Desperate flees and is pursued by the army. What intentions? Why she turned giant? Who is behind her transformation? How will to have sex? Are there more like her? Will it be to rise to the occasion? These and many other questions more will be unveiled in the new “G-Woman” series.

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G-Woman - The Femme Alliance_Avatar_Jessica
Gail Parker is enlarged without knowing why. From there her life changes completely. She is pursued by the army as she desperately flees. What are their intentions? Why was she turned into a giant? Who is behind her transformation?
Gail Parker

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