G-Woman: The Femme Alliance

G-Woman gets to know better the members of her group.


Apache is making love to G -Woman. The two of them are giants, so all the military base moves as if being bombed. Apache really want to teach Gail, to control her powers, that are linked intimaly with her libido. Colonel Cartwright separates them and when G -woman reaches her room discovers Speed ​jerking off. Speed and Gail ​​chat and later make love. Meanwhile the villainous group “The Femme Aliannce” discover that G -Woman will go on a mission and decide to capture her.

Official Publisher's Review

G -Woman returns. She is determined to control his powers and to know her teemmates, very closely. But how are related her powers and her libido are related? And hath will she talk with Speed. And unknow to Gail, “The Femme Aliance” is determined to hunt her down. Intrigue, sex and death in this new adventure of G-Woman.

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