Surprise At Campus

The BIGGEST adventures always happen in college!


Amy and Lisa are two beautiful friends and college companions. In their daily lives, they interact with many other people, some of whom mock Amy’s ENORMOUS attributes. However, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Lisa, who adores and comforts her friend, letting her know that they are a blessing, not a burden. Thus, Amy is about to reveal the reasons behind her massive transformation and expansion! Can Lisa replicate those miraculous results? Will their friendship evolve into something more intense? Discover it in this mini-series, ‘Surprise at Campus, 20 pages filled with tension, transformations, expansions, friendship, and very sensual encounters.

Official Publisher's Review

We all go through moments of personal changes and transformations as we become the professionals we want to be and in that same time some of us have to live through experiences like bullying. But, despite that, who said college had to be boring? Clearly not Amy and Lisa! This time in Botcomics we bring you a mini-story of two chapters in which you will be able to see the Breast Expansion of two college girls who try to get to know each other a little more intimately while having fun in the hottest and most sensual way. Wet kisses, soft caresses and many transformations await you in this short but intense adventure in Surprise At Campus!

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