Breast of the Beast

When Misty curses a gypsy, her words become her curse. Now, she must find true love or stay a busty cow forever.


When Misty makes the mistake of calling a foreign exchange student a dumb fucking cow, she’s cursed to become exactly that. Now, any time a man is near her, her breasts swell full of milk and she loses herself to the beast that wants nothing but sex. However, the gypsy was kind to offer her an out clause: find true love within three years. David, an engineer who becomes stranded in a snow storm near her home, may just may be the right man. If she can make him fall in love with her for who she is, David will be able to break her curse. David learns quickly that there’s more to Misty than just the curse, but, when he finally admits what he feels for her, it turns out someone has other plans for David, and will stop at nothing to get their way.

Official Publisher's Review

This is Fahzbehn’s fourth, and longest, tale for the BE Story Club and his third “Twisted Tale”. In this version of the classic “Beauty in the Beast”, the twist is that the woman is the beast: a woman cursed by a gypsy to be nothing more than a cow who lives for sex. With the typical tongue and cheek humor and irony that readers have come to expect from Fahzbehn’s other works, it’s a humorous romp full of breast expansion, romance, passionate and detailed sex scenes, and hijinks designed to please the reader on multiple levels. Sure, it may be erotica, but there’s heart to it.

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