Zero to Z-Cup 2 COMIC


Morgan is a depressed and underdeveloped college girl that is practically invisible to everyone (Sounds familiar right?). Today she is even more depressed because her mom is coming to campus to continue unpacking her things for the dorm. Morgan is the complete opposite of her very busty goddess of mother, and she loathes that.


The popular Zero to Z-cup series returns after a long hiatus. On the previous series of Zero to Z-Cup,  Gretchen went from an unsure flat chested zero, to a sexual Z-cup goddess after a meteor fell from the skies and she was exposed to its radiation. Now, this promising sequel brings all the expansion and sex-packed action of the previouse series, but with a new twist.

The new story takes place years after the events of the last series. Gretchen is now a hot big Z-Cupped Milf, living the same lusty life as before. Her daughter, Morgan is in college and while right now she does not resemble anything like her voluptuous mother, they have a lot more in common than you can imagine. Morgan hates the lifestyle of her mother which leads her to investigate and unveil the strange secrets of her slutty amazon mother.

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  1. Issue 3 kinda ended abruptly. I would like to see more of the series in the new artstyle, maybe even have a milf showdown with Gretchen and her old rival, or see her teach Morgan the seductive ways?

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