Welcome Home

When Fumiko’s husband unexpectedly brings a pet Neko home, her life spirals into a confusing world of passion.


For Fumiko, it was an ordinary day. She was content with her life; in total marital bliss, cooking dinner for her husband, Hajime. Imagine her surprise when life completely changed the instant he got home with an unexpected surprise – a brand new pet dragon. (And an undeniably sexy one at that.) Completely out of the blue, Fumiko is greeted by this newest family member- Takara. Confronted by this new fidilemma,fl Fumiko must try and keep her cool. The red-scaled giant instantly brings new life and chaos to the household; it’s no longer the quiet and private place she knew, instead filled with passion and sexual tension. Fumiko will quickly discover that it isn’t only her mental outlook that will eventually change, but something far more physical and lustful as well. Things become– primal, much to Hajime’s enjoyment. In life, adopting a new pet always has its unexpected challenges, and a dragon is certainly no different. Fumiko will discover just how topsy-turvy and wonderful a new face can be in her household.

Official Publisher's Review

From Botcomics comes a brand new and exciting story! Embracing the eastern style of manga and hentai, Welcome Home is a love letter to these various influences while delivering its own heated tale of lust and pleasure, full of transformation. Discover the arousing tale of how Fumiko, a loving housewife, tries to adapt to her husband’s unexpected surprise, a brand new pet Neko. This mysterious gothic beauty not only changes the family’s spiritual outlook on the world but also their physical appearances along the way. Fumiko’s usually quiet routine will be replaced by a far more twisted, passionate lifestyle. What changes await her? How does Takara affect the young lovers? What have they gotten themselves in for? Find out these answers and more in this thrilling new series!

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