Rogue Banger

When super soldier Nicki Liu escapes the government program that created her, an unsuspecting agent’s sent to bring her home.


Born in a lab. Designed to be a worrier. Raised as a soldier, unquestionably serving her creator. That was the life of Nicki Liu. That is, until she went rogue. Now she’s gallivanting through Southeast Asia, screwing any girl she sets her sights on and destroying any agents that come after her. That’s how Nicki Liu spends her life. That is, until Agent Wilson is tasked with bringing her back.

Unfortunately for him, Nicki Liu is armed with an unwavering passion for her newfound freedom, and a set of killer skills that are complemented by her giantess abilities. To bring her back, Agent Wilson will have to reach back into a past he never new he had, and utilize a gift he didn’t know existed.

Official Publisher's Review

Genetic engineering and military intrigue collide in this action-packed series from celebrated newcomer Jackie Brown. For decades, a top-secret government program has been working tirelessly to create a faster, stronger, and bigger super soldier. When one of them, Nicki Liu, decides to leave her life of public service to chase more hedonistic pursuits, it’s up to Agent Wilson to bring her in without exposing the program to the rest of the world.

Rogue Banger is a bit of James Bond and Kill Bill with a giantess twist. From dojo training and muay thai boxing to girl-on-girl action and transformations, this story offers the perfect balance of lust-fueled sex and thoughtful storytelling. At its core, Rogue Banger is a coming of age tale about independence and free choice, packed with non-stop action and globetrotting escapades.

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