Plastic Plague

Fear nanomachines backfire, turning an unlucky everyman (and fetish enthusiast) into a sexual superhero!


Calling Raul Rodriguez unlucky doesn’t really do him justice. If it can go wrong, it has. Alongside a copious devotion to fetish content, he has a hard time catching a break.

His streak of bad luck reaches its peak when he’s captured by a pair of sexually charged spies working for an evil shape-shifting megalomaniac known only as ‘Shifta’.

This easily tops it as the worst thing since he was wrongfully labeled as a cartel drug lord—but the smoking hot captors make for a nice silver lining. His overactive imagination threatens to get him killed, or at least mauled as his mind twists the volatile hostage situation into a vivacious girl on girl peep show.

That is until the timely arrival of an American spy named Phi, who proclaims the spies have nowhere to run.

Official Publisher's Review

Plastic Plague is a story written from a rather clever prompt from the loyal fan base at BotComics, given a space-bear twist by the creator of the series ‘Boob Note’, Shamus Baran. In it, you can expect plenty of sex, expansion deviancy and high octane super-secret agent twists, betrayals and, of course: giant tits.

The tone is kept deliberately light, but just like Boob Note and some of Shamus Baran’s other short stories, it will have real consequences and characters with motives and goals outside of Raul’s quest for expansion porn. That said, a focus on story won’t take away from the expansion porn goodness.

Raul is deliberately written as relatable and lovingly adorkable, with character flaws burying a rather decent fellow when the chips are down. And with his luck? The chips are usually in the gutter with his mindset.

The story will focus on breast expansion, but Raul’s devotion to all things porn will bleed into other fetishes, namely villainesses ‘inadvertently’ themed around other fan followings. Like Dark Stocking’s domineering personality, for example. That said, Plastic Plague has a little something for everyone. Buckle on your technicolor jumpsuits and get ready for a bumpy ride. Bumpy… cuz you know… boobs n’ butts.

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