Pecho del Demonio

During a road trip, four milfs discover a unique bar with surreal bloodsucking patrons. Drinking, transformation, and chaos ensue.


In this prequel of the “Boobpire”  series, things get delightfully dark and twisted. Wendy, Brook, Sarah, and Claire are four milfs taking a road trip vacation, leaving behind their kids and husbands for a whole weekend. As they drive through a deserted portion of the Badlands, becoming increasingly exhausted, they stumble an out-of-the-way bar. Curious about it, eager to stretch their legs, they park the car and venture inside, only to find the biggest surprise of their lives… They’ve just entered a one-of-a-kind establishment that caters to unimaginable vampiric inhabitants– “Pecho del Demonio.” The place is crawling with hyper-sexual bloodsuckers. Although the women are initially worried, they slowly grow more at ease after being welcomed by the bar’s inhuman barkeep, Sasha. She warmly reassures them that they are not in any danger and does her best to encourage them to just try and enjoy themselves. The vampires admittedly all seem friendly enough, and as the night progresses the women grow increasingly looser, rediscovering their youth and drinking away their worries. But perhaps they start to enjoy themselves a little too much, for, unknown to the women, the various patrons of Pecho del Demonio possess the unnatural ability to alter human DNA if things become too physical. One bite and it’s game over. Fatefully, as the night wears on, none of the women will ever look or feel the same again.

Official Publisher's Review

For Wendy, Brook, Sarah, and Claire, it was just the start of a well-needed vacation away from their husbands and kids. They had planned on spending their weekend away from home at a nice resort, enjoying the sun and relaxing. It was something that they had been looking forward to for weeks. But not everything goes according to plan. On their way through the Badlands, driving alone in the middle of the night, they stumble across something so fantastic and otherworldly that it changes their lives forever. They can’t believe it at first– what they find will eventually alter their minds and bodies. It warps their realities. Together, the milfs discover… Pecho del Demonio.

From BotComics comes a new an imaginative prequel to the Boobpire series, full of fantasy and erotica. Follow along with these four sexually deprived milfs as they delve into a strange new universe full of passion, corruption, and transformation. What surprises await them? Just how far will their lust lead them? Can they handle their new erotic changes? Only one thing is for certain… each will never to be the same again. Enjoy this very first issue of Pecho del Demonio!

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