Moving to a small town, ex-pornstar Diana opens a “specialty dairy” business, turning the townswomen into bimbos and milfs.


Ex-pornstar Diana moves to a new town, eager to make real friends who aren’t just trying to exploit her or get into her pants. Ever since she became pregnant, she realized there’s a lot about life that she’s missing out on, such as a quiet lifestyle and real connections with people. She longs for a cozy existence, living a simple life by herself and her future child. But her hopes of companionship are put in jeopardy as she realizes that her milkshakes are turning the local women into milf bimbos, drawing the attention of a few disgruntled elected officials. But with her small business booming with aroused repeat customers, it’d be a shame to end it all so early. What choice does she have but enjoy it while she can?

Official Publisher's Review

Loyal readers! BotComics is proud to present a brand new series based on your ideas and filled with all the stuff you love. A story full of a forbidden romance, breast expansion, tasty treats, and more milfs and bimbos than you can shake a stick at! Join Diana on her journey as she searches for a deeper existence, chaotically interrupted by her ice cream’s own “special flavoring”. One little mishap with her breast milk was all it took to flip things upside down. Watch her stir the whole town into crazy arousal, corrupting its women and leaving them with gigantic hooters. What kind of other trouble will she get into? What consequences await her? Find out for yourself in this delicious first issue of Milfshakes!

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