Greyman Comics

Gumball, newest villain in Quartz City, uses altered gumballs to turn innocent women into giants. Can Greyman save the day?


Quartz City is a city of modern steel and glass, and like any such modern city, Quartz City has a superhero, a protector who keeps citizens safe, secure… and as of lately small. A new self-proclaimed supervillain is making news. She goes by Gumball, and while she is petite and seductive in appearance, her goals are big. Gumball has very big plans for Quartz City and those plans involve a nefarious series of attacks using chemically altered gumballs to create pure chaos. Greyman is the hero of Quartz City, his catch phrase that Justice is not black or white, it’s Grey. This time though, Greyman just might have met his match as Gumball stays one step ahead of him at every turn, and usually those turns are met with tremendous growth and chaotic expansion. Buildings will fall and citizens will rise up, quite literally, as Gumball sets out to show that it isn’t the size of the supervillain, it’s the size of their chaos.

Official Publisher's Review

Greyman Comics presents a whole new world created by Kris P. Kreme, and this is a world straight from the comics, where Quartz City, a gleaming modern utopia of glass skyscrapers and steel prisms, is watched over by a hero of mysterious origins. His name is Greyman and he sees justics not as black and white. A unique twist and new style for Kris P. Kreme, delving straight into the superhero genre complete with catchy slogans and puns, a city unaware of the dangers around them, and of course a supervillain. This time the supervillain comes in the petite and super sexy form of a young girl who has proclaimed herself to be Gumball. Why is her name Gumball? This is where The Kreme signature comes into the story, as Gumball uses chemically altered gumballs to introduce a new brand of chaos to the citizens of Quartz City. Greyman will face a new challenge, saving citizens not only from Gumball, but from themselves as they grow to heights only a metropolis like Quartz City could contain. It’s comic adventure with heroes and villains where the good guy might not always win, but he will stand heroic all the same.

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