Summer Cabin

Blake brings his college girlfriend home to meet his family, but his little sis has grown up in a couple of BIG ways!


What’s a guy to do when he brings his girlfriend Jen on vacation to meet his family at their lakeside cabin, only to be surprised with his little sister’s enormous growth spurt? Blake is a boob guy, so he’s having trouble keeping his eyes off of Summer’s gigantic new breasts. It’s almost like they sprouted up overnight from some kind of magic potion! Arriving to family breakfast after a long run through the woods, Jen is thirsty and reaches for what looks like a tasty sports drink in the fridge! It looks like Blake is about to be a lucky guy.

Official Publisher's Review

Summer Cabin really delivers on the forbidden sexual tension between a college-age guy and his recently graduated, 18-year-old sister who has mysteriously grown a pair of huge boobs. Blake can’t stop staring at Summer’s basketball-sized breasts, and neither can we! Jen seems like a cool girlfriend, but her world is going to be turned upside-down now that she accidentally drank an entire bottle of the potion that gave Summer those giant boobs. Lots of growth is delivered in this issue, along with some everyday activities where huge honkers get in the way. xCuervos’ Summer Cabin features a cute, girl-next-door with a massive chest, and she seems oblivious to the effect they have on people. We’re looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here!

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