Juicy Recruit: A Bimbo Bootcamp Story

Ashley takes her first steps into the transformative academy, unprepared for the seductive surprises in store for her.


Step through the gates of the world-famous Bimbo Boot Camp and experience a wonder unlike anything you’ve seen before. At this prestigious summer-long program, brave men and women are welcome to hone their seduction skills and become the pinnacle bimbo version of themselves. It’s not only an intellectual transformation but a physical one too! No one leaves this prestigious experience looking the same. Flat amateur chests walk in, proud bouncing knockers strut out. For generations, the world’s biggest bimbos have gotten their start here, advancing from the innocent girl next door to the pornstar in everyone’s spank bank. How could any aspiring bimbo resist? For Ashley, it’s the chance of a lifetime– she’ll finally be given the chance to show off how sexy she feels on the inside. But this magical journey is full of twists and turns. Does she have what it takes to adapt and graduate? Welcome to Bimbo Bootcamp!

Official Publisher's Review

Hello, Botcomics fans! You voted for it in our idea section, and now here it is! We’re proud to present to you a new series full of hyper bimbos, seductive transformations, and jaw-dropping plot twists! Enter the hallowed halls of Bimbo Bootcamp, where every rising self-proclaimed slut got their start. It’s an educational and physically transformative experience. The more the students learn, the bigger they become. But don’t just take our word for it! Dive into this clothes-bursting series and see all the amazing sights for yourself! Each page is packed with bounding bosoms and incredible sights. Enroll in Bimbo Bootcamp today. You’ll never want to leave.

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