Mr. Harper & Mr. Turner

Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Turner became Giantesses, permanently. Now, it’s up to their sons to make them feel comfortable in a world made for the small ones.


Both Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Turner are getting accustomed to their new lives as permanent Giantesses after they managed to perfect the growth formulae. No one told them it was going be easy, it’s not like there’s a manual on how to live being 40ft tall. Thankfully for them, their lovely sons are taking care of their new goddesses, making sure they have everything they need. But the status quo is once again shattered when a new, powerful entity finds that there’s a new growth spurt happening, even after the Senistray company stopped its operations.

Official Publisher's Review

The new sequel of both “Mrs. Turner: A Giantess Milf Story” and “Mrs. Harper: Another Giantess Milf Story” is finally here. Follow the story of our marvelous giantess milfs and their lovely boyfriends, getting accustomed to a new life. Having a 40ft tall girlfriend and mother is no easy task, but David and Mike are up to the challenge, making sure their goddesses are comfortable and happy in a world made for the small ones.

Good old giantess milfs, tons of breast milk, bondage, cock expansion, muscle growth, ridiculous amounts of cum and plenty of sex awaits you in this new sequel, directly from the creator of bangers such as “Mrs. Harper: Another Giantess Milf Story”, “Breast Expansion Online”, “Jingle Bells Showdown” and “Cruise Controlled: Flipped Over”.

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  1. Chapter 3 is amazing, we need a world of huge sexy milf moms, they should become permanent sexy giantesses to make a perfect world! all the milfs and moms in the world should get huge forever!

  2. Very nice, I love the first pages, the world where all Milfs and Moms are huge and sexy is heaven, I wish to see more of this in the future comic, thanks a lot!

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