Stanley Rogue: The Skin Thief Case COMIC


One of the biggest robot manufacturer companies in the world (Bob Bots, Inc.) is at risk when a new experimental android called A1 is accused of murdering one of the scientists inside the company’s premises. But how? Their strict codes and rigorous safety programming has always been a trademark of Bob Bots, Inc.

Now, private investigator Stanley Rogue seems the only one capable of solving the mysterious case before it’s too late. Will Stanley be able to crack the case and catch The Skin Thief before he strikes again?


We’re proud to announce our first and non-porn comic. An amazing new Cyberpunk series by Isaac Learsi, that brings the good old Crime Comic genre back. Follow the story of Stanley Rogue, an alcoholic private investigator in a dystopian future, is called to duty when an experimental robot supposedly murders a scientist inside Bob Bots, Inc. one of the biggest robot companies in the world.

This is the first of many non-porn/adult comics from BotComics, Inc. Be sure to like and leave a comment, we’re always happy to hear your feedback.

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