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Hero of Size

A parody of the popular video game Fable II, we follow the exploits of a hero that discovers a fourth, previously unknown heroic power: the power of size!


The hero at long last completed her quest for the enchanted fabric. She retired to Bowerstone as a much larger giantess to reap her rewards. However the smaller city folk don’t take to kindly to the giantess as her size has grown her right out of their comfort zones.  Also, The Giantess Hero has been exiled from all civilizations from Albion. The hero wandered around lost and frustrated. However, a cry for help soon reminded her that she was still a hero. To her dismay the hero found out her actions were for not. The person she saved merely thought of her as a monster. The tiny man’s arrogance angered the giantess. She decided to grow and act like the monster. The hero also soon discovered her clothing’s magic properties…

Official Publisher's Review

The author Bob Saget has taken over Hero of Size! Intense point of view angles are also used too. It’s a giant ride. This story brings us a giant heroine, one who seeks to help all people. But will her mission be possible? The hero gets detached from her humanity at first, she has started to see herself as the giant monster. Because of this she, has become free. In the future she is only going to answer to her urges like the monster she is. Also! The magic clothing she wears, always rips’.

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