Goddesses are not born; they are created, and one modern-day woman is about to be granted the gift of power and prestige that comes with being a goddess. Witness every detail of the Ascension!


Back by popular demand, this expansive series explores the sexy adventures of our favorite giant women adjusting to their newly enlarged lives. Thanks to Aaron’s magical abilities, Elizabeth and Leslie have grown into huge monuments of raw sexual power, crushing everything in sight with their massive boobs and destructive curves. These horny women are H-U-G-E! There’s no end to the seductive destruction and carnage. You’ve never seen a rampaging set of T&A like this before! And the fun doesn’t stop there– there’s still more expansion to be had as the FBI intervenes and attempts to bring everything under control. But not everything will go their way. In this penultimate issue, discover the backstory behind these mysterious growth spurts and why these beautiful women were given such amazing gifts. Explore Aaron’s origin story and what he plans to do next. With more expansion and even more giant women, this issue is filled with action and transformation– huge boobs and impressive asses galore! This is the gigantic sequel that you’ve been waiting for!

Official Publisher's Review

Ascension is back and bigger than ever! Written by the imaginative author DeLonge, the fun ramps up into overdrive with this fourth pulse-pounding issue. Each page is filled with the things you crave– big women, bigger curves, and insatiable libidos! Elizabeth and Leslie have become sexual giants and proudly showcase it, flaunting their building-sized breasts. Theyre unstoppable erotic juggernauts, hellbent on satisfaction and pleasure. What’s not to love? And the fun doesn’t stop there– with Aaron still on the loose, able to magically transform anyone he wishes, more growing women are inevitable! More expansion is guaranteed to wreak havoc! With only two issues left in this amazing series, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the exciting fun or seductive action. There’s still plenty of growth to enjoy as our seductive bombshells run rampant, not afraid to dominate and take what they want. Step into the world of Ascension and enjoy!

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  1. A fantastic new chapter, his step-mom, and teacher look so hot, I hope to see more of them, also he can make all Milfs huge and sexy forever, a world where all Milfs are hot mini giantesses will be wonderful!!

  2. I’ve been following this comic ever since it first came out at first I thought was going to be a One-Shot but I am finally glad to see that this comic got continued and has a satisfying conclusion.

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