Play Testing – The Pleasure Station COMIC


Megan Hunt has been reviewing games and game systems successfully from her online blog. She is hard-edged and tough, never going easy on the games or their makers. After a particularly scathing review of Sonix, a relative urban legend in the gaming industry, she receives a surprise package in the mail one day. Megan can hardly believe that her reviews have gotten enough attention that the founder of the company is offering her a chance to review not only their new prototype game system but an entire compilation of games, covering classics to modern hits.

Megan has always been comfortable in her body and she knows what she has going for her, but each game she plays brings changes she never could have foreseen, and no matter how she tries to adjust or correct those changes things only progress for her. Every new game not only brings better graphics, more advanced video gaming technology but also bigger changes and more severe changes to the girl Megan used to be. Will she achieve her dream of being a famous girl in gaming or will she end up only being recognized for her two biggest assets? Only by play testing the new Pleasure Station will she ever find out.

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