For Her Pleasure

Thanks to experimental drugs, a man has sex with women and makes them grow.


This is the start of a brief story with a simple premise, and while it features little in the way of giantess content, it does make for a good lead-in to what’s to come. The characters are believable and there is some humor present, albeit slight. The sex is simplistic, but it does move the plot along well enough. Overall, this is a start to a decent, if unambitious, story, and it’s a positive start for the author.

Official Publisher's Review

After volunteering for a study of a new drug meant as the next generation version of Viagra, average guy Neil Jackson finds himself the cause of a growing problem. While the drug works, it does so beyond anyone’s expectations, and every time a woman has sex with Neil (or ingests his semen), they undergo a terrific growth spurt. Soon enough, his girlfriend is taller than he is, and has no problem getting taller, especially given the effects wear off. Fortunately, Neil doesn’t mind having a little fun. However, their fun is discovered, and they end up in the custody of the government, though not before they share the fun.

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