A young scientist repairing an advanced microscope makes one tiny mistake, with rather immediate large results.



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Rose has always made the old guys look good where she worked, and she’s always at least earned a fair share of looks given that most are older and male, so a young woman like Rose stands out. After an accident with the new advanced Titan 3 microscope, Rose might literally be standing out quite a bit at her workplace.

Clarence and Rose work together studying the tiny, the unseen vastness of a world unexplored yet all around us. Each has a passion for the tiny, but neither sees how the new enormous laser microscope might change at least one of their perspectives on the job. In a massive and rather immediate reaction, Rose finds that she is growing more and more and Clarence has to hurry to find a solution or else the study of microscopics might become macroscopics for one bright young employee.

It’s big news in the study of small things.

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