In this inaugural issue, Felicity confronts the cities newest villain: the Blooming Fool.


In this inaugural issue, Felicity has come to New York on assignment.  As a member of the Bureau for Supernatural Tactics and Intelligence Gathering (BurSTInG), she is looking for a challenge.  The normal thugs are little match for her strength and skills; however, when a cat burglar known as the Blooming Fool arrives in her city, she’s off to confront him.  BurSTInG’s intelligence on the thief is scarce, leaving Felicity unaware of the trick he has in store for her and her one time ally, the bounty huntress called Tempo.  Will they be able to stop her newest foe or will he leaving her begging for mercy?  Check out our first issue and check out the action.

Official Publisher's Review

A new chapter in BE based comics, this story is the introduction of the world’s newest superheroine, Felicity: a snarky, uncompromising hunter who thinks all criminals are little more than prey.  While she is super-humanly strong and exceedingly combat proficient, the new villains she will soon face will put both her mind and will to the test.  Will they be able to break her or will she land on her feet, victorious, and stop their plans?  Back from his hiatus, long time comic author Fahzbehn leads us on a tale that is darker and closer to modern action comics than we’ve previously seen.  Issue one sends us on an exciting romp into a new world of superheroines and villains, introducing the titular character, Felicity, along with the Bounty Huntress known as Tempo.  The Blooming Fool is out to steal a jewel but will Felicity be able to stop him.  Find out in this inaugural issue.

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