Game Changer

When four young adults find themselves magically transported inside of a cursed game they must challenge and corrupt themselves in order to escape.


After Kalvin finds a long-rumored board game, told to him by his grandmother, he can’t wait to show it to his three best friends: Ginger, Maxine, and Christy. He’s overzealous, remembering all the strange old stories that he’d heard about it, such as how witches used to play it to celebrate the harvest season, and how it’s supposedly cursed with ancient magic. But of course, he doesn’t believe in all that or heed his family’s warnings. He thinks that it’s all superstition. At least— until he and his friends start playing it.

With the very first roll of the dice, Kalvin and his friends are magically transported inside the mystical board itself. It is here that they all find themselves players to the corrupting game, hosted by the Game Master herself. In order to escape, they must play and survive, transforming themselves in front of a live demonic audience. Neither the players’ minds nor their bodies will be the same ever again after this wonderful evening of competition and mayhem.

Official Publisher's Review

Kalvin, Ginger, Maxine, and Christy have been friends since middle school. Like any average weekend, they had planned for just another evening of hanging out and drinking wine. But these four young adults accidentally find themselves trapped within an ancient magical board game, full of transformative magic and seductive vibes! From author DeLonge (Chloe’s Open House, Captain Amour, Giantess Rangers) comes a corruptive tale full of life and havoc. Watch each of these naive new players discover more about themselves both physically and spiritually as they attempt to win this twisted game. Their only real chance to escape from its magical confines comes from victory. With each of their turns, they must undergo a new transformation, guaranteeing that none of them will be the same by the end of it. What will become of them? How dark and perverse can they become? Find out in this erotic first issue of Game Changer!

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