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Androids have been built to fulfill your every whim-- but what happens if that whim is to be dominated and watch your wife fucked into senselessness?


Harry is a hard working businessman, his wife a doting, submissive housewife. He’s worked hard to give his family everything: they have a house, a car, a good job, a child in high school, and an Android servant programmed to fulfill their every needs. Who can blame him for needing a little bit of domination in his life? But when Harry accidentally forgets to turn off the sexy, Adult-only settings, he and his wife will find out what it means to have their every– and I mean every– need fulfilled. It’s a growing problem, they might not want to solve.

Official Publisher's Review

The electric start to a female-domination series. Harry and Rachel find themselves at the command of their once submissive house servant Android. This chapter includes breast, legs, hip, and ass expansion. There’s female on female, female on male, and a climactic three-way. But trust me when I say, things are just heating up for this suburban couple.

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