Zero to Z-Cup COMIC


Gretchen is a hard-working student at a prestigious college with a bright future up ahead. However, she wanted much more than accolades and good grades. She wanted to have more friends, have a more fun social life and specially to have more confidence. Her shyness was the thing she hated the most about herself, because that wouldn’t let her talk to her crush, Max.

One night, while walking back home, she decides to take a shortcut. That’s when a meteor falls from the skies righ next to her,  changing Gretchen’s life for ever.


Bob Saget delivers a simple, yet brilliant Breast Expansion classic story with Zero to Z-Cup. When a prominent college girl has her dreams come true thanks to a meteor from outer space. Just like many other classics from Saget such as: For Science!, Above the Law or the most recent one, Mrs. Turner, he does not slows down on the breast expansion, ripped clothing and overall growth. Intense and diverse sex scenes are all over the place and throughout the whole series, that surely will keep you eager for more.


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