How To Make Money Selling Comics (Without an inventory)

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Making money on the internet it’s a dream for many, but there are several items that should be taken into consideration to void frustration and to have realistic expectations. In this article, we are covering the basic concepts to make money on the internet selling digital comics.

Many articles will recommend you to sell your digital works on the internet, others offer digital services like photo editor, copywriter, or marketer to others, but why not start your own business and make it grow on your own taking advantage of your content creator skills on a blog or social media profile?

How To Make Money On The Internet

Making money on the internet can be hard since you can consider several options to monetize, but you are not certain which option will be worthwhile.

You also need some time to “test” each monetization alternative to find the best for you and your earning goals.

Make money with Google Adsense or placing ads on your website it’s only suitable for high-traffic websites.

But if you have a new website with low traffic, or if you moderate a community on a social network or a forum that isn’t an option for you. If you have a site, Each ad impression will report a very tiny earning so you need thousands of impressions to make real money. This is where selling digital comics become the real deal. 

If you are looking for options to make a passive income, selling comics might be your first choice.

How An Affiliate Program Works

Before getting into how to make money selling transformation fetish comics, you should first understand the basic concepts of how an affiliate program works.

Growth Your Business Through Affiliate Marketing
  1. Build an audience: Let’s suppose you have an Instagram or a TikTok Profile with 75000 followers and you want to make a profit from your popularity. It would be fair to think that if you can reach thousands of people on each post, you can attract the attention of some if you offer something different from your usual content. On a social media profile, you can’t make money selling ads (that’s the business of the platform itself) but you can promote other businesses.
  2. Sign up for an affiliate program:  It’s also logical if you promote a business that business should reward you for that promotion. This is where the affiliate program appears on the scene. You drive traffic for example to a website, let’s say and Botcomics, for each sale generated from your traffic, pay you a few bucks.
  3. Promote a business with affiliate links: How does Botcomics know that the traffic comes from you? Through an affiliate program system. You first need to signup to the Botcomics Affiliate Program and you’ll get the chance to generate affiliate links.
  4. Share content for your audience with affiliate links: The last step is to link engaging content with the affiliate links that will allow your affiliate business to track the traffic coming from you.
  5. Check your stats: Keep track of results on your Affiliate Dashboard where you’ll be able to see clicks breakdown by day and sales.
  6. Collect your earnings: Once you reach a certain amount of money, you’ll get paid. Botcomics Affiliate Program has a payout threshold of $100. Once you reached that threshold a new payment will be released for you.

Make Money Selling Digital Comics: Earn Dollars, Not Cents

Selling comics with our affiliate program has a huge reward. For each comic you sell, you’ll get a 50% revenue share of our sales. So you earn dollars, not cents, from the beginning.

Botcomics Affiliate Program allows you not only to sell comics for offline reading without an inventory but also to sell subscriptions and get the same revenue share. It means a perpetual earning during all the customer life cycle.

Transformation Comics/Transformation Fetish Comics

Botcomics produce and sell digital illustrated adult stories and adult comics since 2003 focused on transformation fetishes. There is no other comic transformation site with such a huge inventory. We have 500+ Adult Comics Series and 1200+ Chapters. Discover our Porn Comics Transformation Catalog including Breast Expansion Comics, Bimbo Comics, Giantess Comics, Furry Comics, Futanari Comics, and more!

Breast Expansion Comics

Under the brand of The Breast Expansion Story Club, we sell breast expansion comics, and breast expansion fetish illustrated stories. Our catalog flaunts 200+ Breast Expansion Comics and Illustrated Stories with best-selling titles such as Fairy Tale ComicRemote Chaos ComicMoo-nica’s Amoo-zing Adventure ComicRemote Out Of Control ComicRemote Out Of Control: Cocking It Up ComicGame Changer ComicGame Changer: Generation Domination Comic. G-Woman, G-Raider, among other titles.

Giantess Comics

Under the brand of Giantess Club, we sell giantess comics, and giantess fetish illustrated stories. We have 150+ Giantess Comic series to choose from. Featuring series like Ascension ComicHazard ComicPeople of Mass Destruction (PMD) ComicPMD: War ComicGoddess Maker Origin Comic, Peak Shift Comic, G. I. L. F. Comic, The New Heaven Comic, Incognito Comic, Stranger Than Fiction Comic, Giantess Containment Bureau Comic, etc.

Bimbo Comics

Under the brand of Bimbo Story Club, we sell bimbo fetish comics, and bimbo transformation illustrated stories.

Futanari Comics

Find a growing catalog of Futanari Fetish Comics in Botcomics

Furry Comics

Furry Fetish Comics also have a place in Botcomics, take a look!

Custom Tools

We offer a wide variety of banners for you to use but we can also create custom tools for you. Your growth should never be limited. Ask for a new banner or a custom landing page or a popup and we’ll deliver a custom tool to increase your audience engagement and skyrocket your revenues.

Influencer Marketing

You can set a trend among your followers. Encourage them to discover our transformation comics. Botcomics has a massive catalog of 500+ series and 1200+ chapters of full-colored pages of American-style comics.

Never Miss The Track

Botcomics Affiliate Program includes access to an Affiliate Dashboard including clicks and conversions. 

Payout Methods

Our Affiliate Program payouts are handled with PayPal by default, but if CCBill is more convenient for you to handle all your payments for your multiple affiliations, you can just download and use our promotional tools and set your CCBill Affiliate Links instead our default affiliate links.

Start Today!

The integration with PayPal eases the process. You don’t need to fill out an extensive form. You just need to log in on Botcomics and join today to Botcomics Affiliate Program here with one click. Discover all our features on our Botcomics Affiliate Program microsite.