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Goddess Maker Origins COMIC


It is just another dismal day in the shit show that Andy calls his life.  After a long shift Andy drives home.  Without waring, a meteor impacts the hood of his car.  Andy’s car slams into the guard rails of the highway.  Luckily, Andy is relatively unscathed as he stumbles out his car to survey the damages.  In a rare stroke of luck, Andy’s car is still drivable.  With the day that much more shittier, Andy wants to get home even faster.  On the way back, Andy stops at a fast food place.  He notices the hot girl from work earlier in the day.  As he stares at her, the girl’s frat friends suddenly shove him.  Andy falls to the ground his hand touches the hot girl.  Little does he know what huge events such a small touch would soon bring…


Readers can think think of Goddess Maker Origins as a reboot of Ascension, one of Giantess Clubs first stories.  Origins explores the humble beginnings of the villain known as the “Goddess Maker.”   Goddess Maker has the power to turn any woman he touches into a horny giantess.  The exact mechanics and quirks of his power will be explained throughout the story, The story takes inspiration from other works such as Ascension, GILF, and of course, Bob Saget’s other stories like Wish Upon a Star. Even though Goddess Maker Origins starts off rather slow in the first chapter, be re-assured that the following parts ramp up the growth and sex action to a break neck pace.

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