Remote out of Control

Chaos, and large breasts, follow the polyversal remote control.


The first installment of the mysterious polyversal control is here! This remote control causes chaos, breast expansion, cock expansion, mind control, uncontrollable orgasms, horniness, and much more to those who use it.

In this first issue, the control arrives unexpectedly into Kelly’s life, a regular 18-year old girl with no clue whatsoever that her life (and her breasts) are about to change in a BIG way. After Johnny, Kelly’s twin brother, makes her boobs grow out of proportion, Kelly takes the control out of his hands and decides to put a stop to all the growth madness– But not after a little self-experimenting.

Official Publisher's Review

Kelly’s twin brother brings home a remote control he found on the street. After he inflates her breasts with it, Kelly takes the remote away before he can cause any more trouble. But not after a little self-experimenting.

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